ILEC - Lesson 4

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memorandum of association
(UK LAW) in the UK, one of two documents which form the constitution of a company. It sets out the important elements of the corporation, including its name, address, objects and powers
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statut spółki
The Directors may exercise the powers given by Clause 3 of the Memorandum of Association of the Company.
articles of association
The company's articles of association contain details of the scope of the directors' authority to issue new shares.
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umowa spółki
a document outlining the rules governing a company's internal organisation
articles of incorporation
The firm will amend its Articles of Incorporation to reflect the reclassification of shares and the denial of pre-emptive rights to shareholders.
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= memorandum of association statut spółki
(usually) Articles of Incorporation one of the legal documents that must be prepared when a company is formed. It includes the name and address of the company, the purpose of the company and details on how many shares can be issued.
capital clause
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postanowienie z memorandum określające kapitał
a clause in a company's memorandum of association that states the amount of the company's equity and its division into shares
constitutional documents
The bill outlines a new form of business entity, the incorporated business firm (IBF), which would require simpler constitutional documents than those necessary for a limited liability company.
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konstytucyjne dokumenty
documents that define the existence of a legal entity and regulate the structure and control of the entity and its members.
certificate of incorporation
Smith filed for and received a Certificate of Incorporation from the Idaho Department of State.
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świadectwo rejestracji akt ustanowienia spółki świadectwo rejestracji spółki certyfikat rejestracji spółki
a document issued by a governmental authority granting a company status as a legal entity
The sale of financial instruments is a proper corporate purpose.
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cel prowadzenia spółki
the aims or objects of a business entity
principles for operation
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zasady prowadzenia działalności
legal form
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forma prawna
basic concepts of the articles of association of the company
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podstawowe pojęcia umowy spółki
object clause
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cel/przedmiot działalności spółki
number and value of shares
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liczba i wartość akcji
enter into preliminary contracts
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zawiązać umowy wstępne
notary's deed
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akt notarialny
The liability of the limited partners is limited to the amount of their respective contributions.
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an amount of money that you give to help pay for something
company's bodies
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organy spółki
company's duration
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okres trwania spółki
to make contributions
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wnieść wkłady
Registrar of Companies
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rejestr handlowy rejestr spółek rejestr firm
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wcześniej, uprzednio
limited liablility under formation (a.k.a. in organization)
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spółka w organizacji
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tworzenie i rejestracja
to cover the entire share capital
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pokryć cały kapitał zakładowy
register of enterpereneurs
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rejestr przedsiębiorców
joint-stock company
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sp. akcyjna
limited liability company
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sp. z o.o.
founding deed
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akt zawiązania spółki akcyjnej
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private limited company Ltd
A private limited company cannot sell its shares on the stock market.
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coś w rodzaju sp. z o.o.
a company where the liability of the owners is limited to their shareholdings and where the shares may not be offered for sale to the public through a stock exchange
issued shares
the number of shares held by parties other than the company; shares held by investors
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akcje objęte
the number of shares held by parties other than the company; shares held by investors
ordinary share (common share)
Each director held 1,000 ordinary shares in the company.
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akcje zwykłe
a type of share that gives voting rights and pays dividends, and which is the most common form of share. Ordinary shares do not give the holder any preference rights in the payment of dividends or the distribution of assets
issued stock\ shares
The company’s issued stock amounts to GBP 7.5 million.
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akcje objęte
shares that have been sold or otherwise distributed by a company
capital stock \ authorised share capital
The shareholders voted to increase the company's capital stock.
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maksymalna liczba akcji jaką firma może wydać
the maximum number of shares authorised by a company's charter
freely transferable share
The London Stock Exchange requires listed companies to have freely transferable shares.
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akcje bez ograniczeń w sprzedaży
a share that can be offered for sale to the general public; a share that can be sold without any restrictions
share capital
The new shares will increase the total share capital to $15m.
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kapitał zakładowy
the money that a company has from investors who have bought shares
The deal involves the acquisition of 80% of the shares in the company.
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nabycie, zakup
the act of gaining possession of something; the purchase (=buying) of an asset; the purchase of one company by another company
The UN Security Council will vote on the draft resolution on Tuesday.
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an official decision taken at a meeting; the expression of opinion or will of an official body (eg shareholders' meeting, Board of Directors' meeting, etc) by vote
costs incurred with respect to company's corporation
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poniesione koszty w związku z założeniem spółki
supervisory board
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rada nadzorcza
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preference shares
British banks issue preference shares that are similar to US preferred stocks, which pay fixed dividends.
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akcje uprzywilejowane
share carrying rights of priority as to dividends and voting as well as priority over other shareholders in a company's winding up
first refusal
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pierwsza odmowa przy prawie pierwokupu akcji
loan capital
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kapitał pożyczkowy
Shareholders will receive one capitalisation issue share for every 40 ordinary shares they hold at close of business on 7 November 2009.
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emisja kapitalizacyjna
when money from a company’s reserves is converted into issued capital and distributed to shareholders instead of a cash dividend
issuance of various securities
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wydanie rożnych papierów wartościowych
The safest, western government-backed treasury securities have seen the biggest gains.
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papier wartościowy
a financial asset such as a share or a bond; the certificate that shows you own this financial asset
authorised share capital=authorized shares (US)
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maksymalna liczba akcji jaką firma może wypuścić umieszczona w statucie spółki
Pursuant to the initial public offering, 1,000,000 new shares in the company were issued to subscribers.
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udziałowiec, założyciel
a shareholder, especially one who has bought (or will buy) newly issued shares in a company
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podział, sekcja
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zawierać, dotyczyć
The company paid a dividend of £5 per share.
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a distribution of profits payable to shareholders in accordance with their shareholding
fixed dividend irrepctive of performance
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stała dywidenda bez względu na wykonanie
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poprzez który
increase marketability
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podnosi rynkowność
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odpowiednio, właściwie
share consolidation = US reverse stock split
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konsolidacja akcji
share subdivision = US stock split
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podział akcji
pre-emption rights = US preemptive richts
Shareholders of this company have preemption rights which entitle them to first call on secondary share offerings.
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prawo pierwokupu akcji
entitlements of existing shareholders to buy shares before they are offered to third parties
special resolution
In order to change the name of the company, a special resolution was passed.
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uchwała nadzwyczajna
a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters of shareholders at a company general meeting
rights issue
Under the rights issue, 34 million New Ordinary Shares are being offered to Shareholders at 10c per share.
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prawo poboru
offer of shares to existing shareholders in proportion to how many shares they already own
The company issued a number of debentures during the beginning of the year in order to raise more funds.
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papiery wartościowe dłużne (nie ma w Polsce)
in the UK, written acknowledgment of debt, secured on the assets of the company
floating charge
The loan was secured with a floating charge over the companies assets.
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płynne zabezpieczenie
a continuing charge on assets which allows the grantor to deal with those assets freely
fixed charge
Assets subject to a fixed charge cannot be sold without the bank's consent.
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zabezpieczenie na aktywach spółki
in the UK, a charge attached to specific assets which prohibits dealing with those assets without the creditor’s consent
enquire about
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pytać = ask
create a provision
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utworzyć rezerwę
balance sheet
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suplementary capital
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zapasowy kapitał
reserve capital
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rezerwowy kapitał
excessive indebtedness
The company accounts over the previous four years had not shown the true state of its huge indebtedness.
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nadmierne zadłużenie
the state of owing money to a person, business, organisation or other entity
exercise the rights
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wykonywać prawa
nominee shareholder
Investors who wish to remain anonymous may take advantage of our nominee shareholder service.
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osoba będąca udziałowcem, lecz jej prawa wykonuje ktoś inny, np. dzieci
the registered owner of shares in held on behalf of another person
force out
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odwołać, wyprzeć, wypchnąć
listed companies
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notowane spółki giełdowe
to this end
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w tym celu
wide ranging
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szeroki zakres
compliance with both law and practice
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zgodność z prawem i praktyką
propose a resolution
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zaproponować uchwałę
annul a resolution
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anulować uchwałę
carry a resolution
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podjąć u.
reject a resolution
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odrzucić u.
adopt a resolution
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podjąć u.
conclude an agreement
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zawrzeć umowę
violate an agreement
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naruszyć u.
terminate an agreement
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zakończyć, wypowiedzieć u.
draw up an agreement
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sporządzić u.
sign an agreement
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podpisać u.
break an agreement
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naruszyć u.
refuse \ withhold an approval
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odrzucić zgodę
give an approval
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dać zgodę
require an approval
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wymagać zgody
seek an approval
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szukać zgody
obtain an approval
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uzyskać zgodę
close a meeting
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zamknąć spotkanie
call / convene a meeting
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zwołać spotkanie
hold a meeting
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odbywać spotkanie
conduct a meeting
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prowadzić spotkanie
attend a meeting
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uczestniczyć w spotkaniu
takeover talks
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rozmowy o przejęciu firmy
stake in the company
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udział w spółce
share capital is paid up
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kapitał zakładowy jest spłacony
entity separate from its members
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osoba oddzielna od swoich członków
company under the name Teddy Bear Ltd
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spółka pod nazwą
liable under the contract
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odpowiedzialny z kontraktu
liable for
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winny za
act on behalf of sb
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działa w imieniu
sell sth at a profit
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sprzedać coś z zyskiem

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