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3 kursy
  • Jeszcze łatwiej zapamiętujesz słówka i zwroty,
    ponieważ Twój mózg otrzymuje więcej bodźców.
  • Rozumiesz więcej i mówisz płynniej,
    bo w nauce towarzyszy Ci głos lektora.
  • Wykorzystujesz "tracony" czas,
    dzięki ściąganiu Audiokursów.
  • Uczysz się dokładnie tego, co potrzebujesz,
    a własne fiszki stworzysz dosłownie w minutę.
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Konto Premium sprawiło, że przestałam myśleć, że jestem odporna na naukę języków. Polecam wszystkim, którzy nie mają czasu! mako07

Przed wykupieniem konta premium długo szukałam innych opcji. Ostatecznie przekonała mnie możliwość robienia własnych fiszek i 3 darmowe kursy. Justyna

Sprawdź te i setki innych opinii w niezależnym serwisie z opiniami Opineo.pl

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When you have any questions, want something to report, etc.
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These same benefits will also be synchronized to your mobile application – so you can learn where and when you want (on your phone / tablet, you can also create flashcards voice - is by far the quickest and most convenient method).

Rewelacyjny system nauki, uczę się kiedy chcę, powtarzam dokładnie to co potrzebuję. Dobry zarówno dla wzrokowców jak i słuchowców. Polecam :) ! Sekarasiewicz, 10 /10
Mam mało czasu, niewiele pieniędzy. A potrzebuje dużej wiedzy. Tanio szybko i solidnie w ciągu jednego dnia przyswoiłem wiedzę jak z tygodnia. A co najlepsze dalej chce mi się uczyć z Fiszkoteką. Polecam każdemu kto chce bardziej zadbać o swą wiedzę czy edukację! UserMaX, 10 /10
osobiście jestam zaskoczona jak dużo pamiętam - przyjęlam pewną taktykę (może to pomaga) - za pierwszym razem wpisuję "nie wiem" ale zapisuję wszystko na kartce - potem odpowiadma "wiem" jak na 100% wiem - za 3 razem efekt jest szokujacy dla mnie - parwie wszystko wiem ! Tyle lat uczę się języka ale to co dają mi lekcje z wami nie można porównać z niczym - dziękuję marta/martakucharska, 10 /10
Z samodzielną nauką jest zawsze ten sam problem. Samodyscyplina i regularność nauki. Portal Fiszkoteka to właśnie ułatwia. Świtnie zorganizowany, szybka nauka i powtórki poznanego materiału. Gorąco polecam. Manolo, 8.7 /10

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I really learn what you promise? [show answer]

It depends largely on you. If you will be using Fiszkoteka regularly even a few minutes a day (and it is not difficult, because learning draws us in), then we can guarantee youthat you will be really delighted with your results.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself withhttp://www.opineo.pl/opinie/fiszkoteka-pl"> independent opinions about Fiszkoteka. Remember, however, that consulting with others is not a substitute for trying science the hard way!

2. How can I take advantage of the money back guarantee ? [show answer]

We are asking for/contact"> contact by email or phone. We will be very grateful for any suggestions, what we can still improve. We want to be better and your opinion is very important to us :)

3. There are three free courses attached to the Premium Account. How do you choose the ones that interest me? [show answer]

In applications
The easiest way is to do it yourself in the application: after purchasing Premium Account, information about the choice of 3 courses will appear. All you need to do is go to the My Learning tab and click Select to unblock the selected courses.

On the website
After each purchase, we send an e-mail with information about the activation of the Premium Account. Once it is active, all you need to do is enter the Fiszkoteki website in the title of the chosen course, as if we wanted to buy it. Instead of the "Buy" button, you will see an option to add a course to our account. After choosing three courses, the shopping option will be available again.

Note: the Megapack includes the Premium Account itself - without three free courses.

4. Is Fiszkoteka for adults , for young people or for children ? [show answer]

Fiszkoteka is for everyone! We have satisfied users in almost all ages. The youngest known to us is 4 years old and the oldest is almost 90 :)

Many times we met with the situation that my mother bought Fiszkotka for her children, and then she got involved in learning languages herself. Equally frequent is the reverse situation, that the parent thought about independent learning, and then the child took his computer or tablet to learn new fiches.

This is because our site and application are very easy to use, and the algorithms are able to find the right learning mode for everyone, regardless of age.

If you want to buy a Fiszkotka for a really small child, it is best to choose a special course for children . It will also be a good idea to purchase Premium Accounts (joint creation of flashcards is - as our users write) - a really great way to spend a nice and useful time with childreniem).

5. Will I get a physical parcel? [show answer]

No. Fiszkoteka is used by a simple web browser or smartphone (mobile application). This is associated with great convenience: you do not have to wait (and pay) for a shipment, or spend money on a CD-ROM. You can access Fiszkoteka virtually immediately, you can learn on any computer or smartphone, just log in to your account. What's more, new versions (additional functions or patches) get to you instantly and for free.

6. Is the course and Premium Account the same? [show answer]

No , that's two separate things.

The course is a complete set of flashcards, developed by professionals, for a specific purpose, for example, learn words for the FCE exam, prepare for the matriculation exam or acquire shunting needed for work.

The Premium account, on the other hand, means that you can use all the functions of Fiszkoteki without any restrictions - it gives you even the opportunity to create your own flashcards without limits.

Because we think that the odds and Premium Account complement each other, we offer a special promotional offer - when you buy a Premium Account for a year, you will get three courses (free choice) for free! Similarly, if you buy one of the Megapackas (all courses in a given language), you will receive a Premium Account for free.

7. How can I be sure that you are a serious, honest company ? [show answer]

Fiszkoteka has been operating on the market since 2008 (which can be easily checked on the websites of the Ministry of Economy in CEIDG).

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have trusted us (http://www.opineo.pl/opinie/fiszkoteka-pl"> here you can read their opinions coming from the independent opineo.pl service). At the moment, the account on Fiszkoteka is nearly a million people , and every month we are visited by several hundred thousand unique users. We work with the most prestigious language schools (British School), universities (University of Warsaw) and recognized companies (Aviva), which consider us to be a reliable partner. We are also present in the press and on television, although we prefer to work behind the scenes to make the Fiszkotka even better :) Thanks to this, we can win such prizes as the European Language Label awarded by the European Commission or the title of the Golden Website of the Year 2011 of the weekly WPROST . Fiszkoteka's headquarters is located in Warsaw (exact address in the tab/contact"> Contact), and our name and trademark have been reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

The most important thing for us, however, is that we ourselves want to be honest. We believe that without it you can not build a trust-based society, which is what Fiszkoteka is about to do. That's why we put 100% of the energy to satisfy our users.

8. Are you sure you will give me back the money if I do not like it? [show answer]

Yes, we guarantee a full refund if within a month you decide that Fiszkoteka is not for you. We believe, however, that you will like learning and stay with us for longer!

9. Do you have discounts on larger purchases? [show answer]

If you need more rates than we offer in the regular offer, we encourage you tovocapp@vocapp.com"> contact - we will surely find a solution that satisfies you. If, on the other hand, you want to use our resources as part of a school or training for employees, we are able to offer a version of Fiszkoteka created especially for you (with Twoim branding, teacher panel, administrator and reports on students' progress). All you need to do is submit a wish to buy such a package.

10. I would like to buy Fiszkoteki access in the form of a gift , how to do it? [show answer]

Contact us - we will send you a pdf with a code that you can print and give to someone as a gift. It is enough for this person to enter it on the Fiszkoteki website and we activate its access. The code can be used for a year from its generation, and the service time counts with the first day you log in to your account.

11. Will I be charged (a) with additional costs after the expiration of the purchased service? [show answer]

No :) If you do not want to extend your Premium Account or access to the course, it will simply lose its validity. We will only send you a reminder of this, along with an attractive offer for regular customers. We will be pleased if you use it, but it is not binding.

12. Will I get a VAT invoice ? [show answer]

Of course! All you have to do is provide us with e-mail with the data on which we will issue an invoice, and we will send it via e-mail or regular mail if it suits you better. The information we need is: service name, amount, company name, street, code and city and NIP.

13. I live abroad , I do not have an account in a Polish bank, how can I pay? [show answer]

The most convenient way to pay using Google Play (in the application) or PayPal (on the website).

14. Can I try the Fiszkotka before buying? [show answer]

Of course! We are convinced that Fiszkoteka is the best learning tool in the world and we encourage everyone to draw on the enormous opportunities it offers. We want every purchase to be aware and all users are convinced that they will actually get the best e-learning service on the market for the money they spend.

Each course has its own trial version, which can be tested completely free and without any obligations.

15. Is online payment secure ? [show answer]

We entrusted the handling of transfers to PayU SA, the largest payment processing company in Poland. PayU services meet all modern security standards. We also offer payments using the PayPal platform.

If you do not have a bank account, you can pay by traditional bank transfer, simply print the appropriate form available on our website (Select payment method - Traditional transfer). Remember, however, that such payment will be made much longer than online payment (which we will receive almost immediately).

16. Do I have to have a Premium Account to fully use the course? [show answer]

No. If you buy the course itself (without Premium Account), you will get full access to all functionalities related to this course.

However, if you want to be able to create an unlimited number of flashcards or download audiocursses from public cards of other users, then the Premium Account is just for you.

17. What to buy: Premium Account , Course or Megapack ? [show answer]

It depends. If you only need one course, it is best to opt for a single purchase. A very good option is also the choice of Premium Account , which gives you access to selected three courses from our professional offer and allows you to add unlimitedie flashcards. If you want to comprehensively approach to learning a new language, the best choice will be Megapack , thanks to which you can use all courses in a given language and createlive your own cards. This is the most advantageous option, because if we post a new course on the website in the language of your choice, it will automatically appear in your account for free!

18. I have another question, where can I ask them? [show answer]

We encourage you to contact us by e-mail: our address isvocapp@vocapp.com
We are happy to answer all your questions - who asks, does not err :)



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