Top 1000 English Words

Top 1000 English Words
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Why is learning English a great decision?

There are many reasons why learning English is absolutely worth it! English is the second most spoken language in the entire world, with over 980 million speakers! Can you imagine how many new friends will you make and how many opportunities does learning English bring? You will now be able to help tourists, learn more about the culture of other people or discover many new countries - all that with English! Also, it will bring you many job and educational opportunities! Learning English is not as difficult as you think because there are so many English resources that can help you! One of the best ways to learn English is with flashcards! Our platform will help you learn the top- 1000 English words right now! Each flashcard will present you one of the most common English words along with its pronunciation, definition or translation, example sentences and hints. These most used words are the basics that will enhance your English vocabulary and help you express yourself in many situations.

Top- 1000 English words

The list of most common English words includes the most common nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions. These top- 1000 English words will help you progress with your reading comprehension, enhance your active English vocabulary and improve your social and academic confidence. This list of top- 1000 English words include all the basic English words you should know! Master this list of 1000 most common English words to proceed to more difficult English words and become an advanced English learner. The top- 1000 English words list is separated into several lessons so it will be easier for you to learn the words and repear them. Here are some examples of words included in the top- 1000 English words list:

  • 1. year = a cycle of 365 or 366 days
  • 2. seem = to appear to be something
  • 3. different = not like something else
  • 4. early = in the morning or before the expected time
  • 5. up = from a lower to a higher position

As you can see, the top- 1000 English words list includes basic, but really useful and important nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and pronouns. Master the top- 1000 English words and continue learning more difficult English words with VocApp!

Want to learn more English words?

Do you want to know more than just the top- 1000 English words? Are you motivated to continue working on your English vocabulary? There are so many resources we prepared for you to continue learning English on our platform besides this course of top- 1000 English words! Our users create interesting and useful flashcard lessons to help you learn English, while our professional linguists work on new and interesting English courses. Take a look at the Synonyms for most overused English words, English idioms and Top 100 Phrasal Verbs courses. We are sure they will help master new English vocabulary and conquer this language! Continue learning English with VocApp to achieve great results in no time!