Marketing vocabulary

Marketing vocabulary
Useful Marketing terms and expressions

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Basic conceptsBasic concepts  
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Digital marketingDigital marketing  
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Media and advertisingMedia and advertising  
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Marketing tools and techniquesMarketing tools and techniques  
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Key ideas about marketing

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is the activity that creates, communicates, delivers and exchanges offerings with value for clients, customers, and partners. Marketing includes the business to business (B2B) direction of products and the business to consumers (B2C). The marketing mix consists of four levels of decision: product, price, place, promotion. The environment is another important term in marketing. The macro-environment refers to the economic, political, social and technological external factors. The micro-environment refers to the company itself, the employees, the customers, the suppliers. The internal marketing environment refers to the factors inside the company, its logistics, assets, budget, etc. These are some of the main ideas used in marketing. Now that this field is gaining more and more attention and popularity, many people want to become professional marketers or to learn some marketing vocabulary for their business. This course was created for you to learn the main marketing vocabulary on different topics and enhance your business English vocabulary.

Learn marketing vocabulary

This flashcard course includes 15 lessons on different topics with marketing vocabulary that will prepare you for an interview or meeting in English related to this field. Each flashcard will introduce you to a new word of marketing vocabulary and its definition. You will also find example sentences with gaps in order to practice what you know of the marketing vocabulary. Moreover, each flashcard includes the English pronunciation of the words from the marketing vocabulary. Here are some of the topics that are included in this course with marketing vocabulary:

  • 1. Basic concepts such as a commercial, a deal or a consumer
  • 2. Digital marketing vocabulary
  • 3. Sales vocabulary
  • 4. Brand and product terminology
  • 5. Words related to media and advertising

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