Photography terms

Photography terms
Are you interested in photography? Great, so are we!

Are you a shutterbug or rather uncle Bob who prefers to spray and pray? In this course we’ll get deep into the photography slang as well
Knowing the terms in photography is absolutely necessary, in this course you’ll find all the essential ones
Learn about the parts of a camera, lenses, accessories, different techniques of taking photos, photo editing terms and many many more
Whether you want to start learning about photography or just need to refresh your current knowledge, this course is perfect for you
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General BasicsGeneral Basics  
34 flashcards
Taking a photo - Settings, Modes, TechniquesTaking a photo - Settings, Modes, Techniques  
71 flashcards
Lenses, filters, accessoriesLenses, filters, accessories  
41 flashcards
Post-processing and photo editingPost-processing and photo editing  
46 flashcards
Photography slang and abbreviationsPhotography slang and abbreviations  
47 flashcards

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Why is it important to learn photography words?

Whether you're dreaming of a career in photography or you're already a professional and want to learn some important vocabulary, this course will be perfect for you! There are endless photography words because more and more technical terms appear every day in this field. Not all photography words are easy but you need to learn them in order to have a successful career. This glossary includes the most commonly used and most important words related to photography along with with example sentences to help you understand their meaning. Here are the 5 main vocabulary topics that are included in this flashcard course:

  • 1. General and basic photography words
  • 2. Technical terms to take a photo
  • 3. Photography words related to filters, lenses and accessories
  • 4. Vocabulary for photo editing
  • 5. Slang and common abbreviations

Learn photography words easily

Why is our method so efficient? Our multisensory learning method is based on flashcards that include explanations, example sentences, and pronunciation for every photography word. This way, you will easily go through the photography words one by one and remember them. You will finally learn another word for focus and different important technical terms, such as centred compositions, rule of odds and aperture. These are terms that every beginner and advanced photographer should know. You can download the photography words as a text or audio file and learn on the go. These photography words will help you understand tutorials and learn interesting techniques when taking a photo, slowly developing your own style. Learn these photography words and continue developing your English vocabulary with more interesting courses on VocApp!

More resources to learn new vocabulary

If you liked this course of photography words, we are sure you would like to continue enhancing your vocabulary and learning terms on different interesting topics. For example, there is a course dedicated to marketing terms and advertising campaigns - Marketing vocabulary. If you are interested in politics, then you should definitely take a look at the International Politics course that includes some of the most important words. Enrich your English vocabulary with VocApp! Create your own lessons and share them with your friends to learn exactly what you need!