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Academic Word List
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Improve your English vocabulary

There are many reasons to acquire new vocabulary. If you have moments when you want to say something but can't find the exact words to do it or you feel you lack academic vocabulary and that your essays and presentations don't include as many intelligent words as you would want them to - it's time to learn some new vocabulary. Here are some of the main reasons to learn academic vocabulary:

  • 1. Your vocabulary influences the success of communicating with other people. Learning these intelligent words and expanding your academic vocabulary will facilitate communication and will help you express your opinion making sure people understand exactly what you wanted to say.
  • 2. The lack of academic vocabulary, as said before, influences your writing. The richer is your academic vocabulary, the more interesting and diverse will the texts you write be.
  • 3. A good academic vocabulary will improve your reading comprehension. You will not be able to entirely understand the texts you read if you will not know enough academic vocabulary. Learning new vocabulary is a great way to prepare for a new academic year!
  • 4. As researchers say, your professional success depends on your vocabulary, that is why it is so important to learn new vocabulary and intelligent words. Communication skills are decisive when it comes to your job.
  • 5. Learning intelligent words of the academic vocabulary will improve your cognitive processes and develop your brain. It is a great memory and a thinking exercise!

How to learn new vocabulary?

If you want to learn the most important and useful academic vocabulary easily and effectively, start learning intelligent words with our flashcards! Our linguists included many words that make you sound smart in this course, like acquisition, evaluation, and impact. After repeating and remembering the academic vocabulary of this course, you will be able to choose your words more precisely, to tell your opinion better and understand others better. The flashcards include the definitions of intelligent words and their pronunciation, to assure you that you will understand them and will know how to use them. The hints will tell you if a word is countable, uncountable, transitive, whether it's a noun or adjective and other important aspects. You will be able to download the academic vocabulary course and learn on the go by reading or listening to the words that make you sound smart!

Expand your academic vocabulary with VocApp!

There are many great English courses on our site! For instance, the Synonyms for most overused English words will be a great way to continue expanding your academic vocabulary and learning words that make you sound smart! You will learn synonyms for commonly used words as strange, big and bad and will significantly improve the way you express yourself! You can choose another course that interests you or you can learn another language! It is scientifically proven that learning a foreign language will help you learn your own language better. Continue improving yourself and the way you talk with VocApp!