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Did you know that Cockney accent comes from East London? Learn how to speak like a Londoner right now with our course on Cockney slang . Study these Cockney phrases and don't get confused by what you hear in East-End. Impress your friend by using British Cockney phrases and have a laugh at them together. Feel like a local by speaking in Cockney dialect and discover 100 rhymes for you to use every day. Learn more about accents and slang with our courses American English slang and British English slang or discover Who said that? - top 100 movie quotations in American cinema

Cockney slang

Do you want to learn what is a Cockney? By definition Cockney is somebody born in East London, but it is also a way to speak, which is called Cockney slang . Learn to speak Cockney English and sound like a local. Use Cockney slang terms if you happen to be in East-End and surprise natives with your Cockney accent. This course has a hundred Cockney phrases that will help you in any situation. You can also have a good laught at all these Cockney rhymes .

Cockney rhymes

Have you ever wondered how to define Cockney? Cockney English is a dialect spoken in East London and we give you an opportunity to learn Cockney dialect . Start learning Cockney slang and enjoy all the Cockney rhymes we have prepared for you! We put together a list of funny and interesting Cockney phrases so that you understand everything East-Enders have to say and have a good laugh at it!