English pronunciation

English pronunciation
Improve your pronunciation and understanding in English!

Learn how to pronounce all the English sounds
List of the most often mispronounced words in English
Useful tips on how to sound more "English"
Minimal Pairs in English, e.g. "sheep" vs "ship"
Learn International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
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English pronunciation

Many people who start to learn English language desire to speak like native people. Most of them avoid to speak loudly and worry about having an accent or pronouncing words wrongly because of their mother tongue. To overcome this problem, you have to improve your English pronunciation.

Why pronunciation is necessary?

Pronunciation is important because it makes your first impression. The phonology is ignored by many English learners. They can communicate in the classroom so they think it's good enough. They tell "I needn't study pronunciation, I just want to talk in English". They say they talk in English because they are able to interact with their instructor and other students. You have to remember: for years your instructor listened to the bad pronunciation. He or she can understand this far more easily than the average person. Other students typically come from the same country you are from. So, they speak English as you do and they make the same mistakes. So, they get to understand you easily.

“I am sorry what?”

“Could you repeat that again?”

These questions sound familiar to you? You are already done to hear them? Then it is time to develop your phonological skills! Maybe your grammar is really good and you have a rich vocabulary (otherwise we would recommend you to have a look at Top 1000 English Words) but if you do not pronounce them correctly you cannot say you speak like a native speaker.

With the help of our English pronunciation course, you will be able to speak fluently and understandable. Let’s try and see your phonology progression!

Continue working on your pronunciation in English

We are sure you will like the course. If you're interested in other English pronunciation lessons, make sure to take a look at our other courses that will teach you vocabulary and English pronunciation at the same time. A great way to continue is by using the Synonyms for most overused English words course. You will enhance your English vocabulary and improve your pronunciation in English! Start learning now to see great results in no time!