ILEC - Lesson 3

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perpetual succession
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sukcesja ciągła
unlimited personal liability for the personal obligations of the business
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nieograniczona odpowiedzialność osobista
minimum capital requirement
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minimalny kapitał zakładowy (wymóg)
legal person (incorporated)
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osoba prawn
dissolution upon change in ownership
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rozwiązanie spółki po zmianie własności
ownership freely and publicly tranferred
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własność uwolniona i upubliczniona (akcje)
registration requirements
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wymóg rejestracji
capital raised through the issuance of shares
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wzrost kapitału zakładowego poprzez wydanie nowych akcji
participation in management by the owners
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udział w zarządzie przez właścicieli
limit on numbers of memebers
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ograniczenie liczby członków
one qurter of share capital must be paid up
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1/4 kapitału zakładowego musi zostać pokryta
according to
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She was offended and accordingly refused to attend the meeting.
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stosownie, odpowiednio, zgodnie
in a way that is appropriate (=suitable, right or correct) for the situation; in a way that results from a particular situation
in accordance with
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pozostając w zgodzie z
attain majority
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uzyskać pełnoletniość
notification of the change of the address of the company's registered office
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registered office
The company has a registered office in Scotland and carries on business in England and Wales.
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a company's official address that is registered at the registering authority
Congress must appoint a special independent investigator.
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to choose someone formally for a particular position or job; to give someone a job or a task
dismiss / remove from
The US justice department has now filed a motion asking a federal judge to dismiss the case.
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to refuse any further hearing of a case
to gain representation on a board
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uzyskać reprezentację w zarządzie
to serve sth on sb
it has been validly served.
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doręczyć coś komuś
actual loss
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rzeczywista strata
The mandatory audit rules for small companies have been abolished; the rules are now voluntary.
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(legal) wymagany przez prawo
something which must be done, often in order to conform with a law
used to describe something that must be done because of a law, rule or regulation etc
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obowiązkowy, przymusowy
used to describe something that must be done because of a law, rule or regulation etc
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pozbawiony możliwośći
hold the position
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undischarged bankruptol
(Amer.) Three years after its formation, the company went bankrupt and had to be dissolved.
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niezwolniony przez sąd bankrut
officially insolvent (=not having enough money to pay debts or buy goods etc) so that property will now be administered under bankruptcy laws
Obtaining copyright permission can be a time-consuming process.
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zgoda, zezwolenie
authorization from an author or creator to reproduce or use a copyrighted work
Officers are permitted to obtain otherwise confidential information if they believe a criminal offence has taken place.
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uzyskać (=get)
to acquire, to gain possession
The defendant waived his right to an attorney and a jury trial.
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zrezygnować, odstąpić, zaniechać
to not demand something that is your right
to appoint a director to a board
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powołać członka rady nadzorczej do zarządu
to sit on a board
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zasiadać w zarządzie
In default of appearance in court by the claimant, the claim is dismissed.
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niewywiązanie, niedotrzymanie
a failure to fulfil an obligation (=something that you have to do), especially when a failure to appear in a court of law
result from
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pochodzić z
as a result of
As a result of the new tax law, corporate tax rates will drop by about 25 percent.
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w wyniku
because of; due to
annual general meeting (AGM)
The shareholders elected the members of the board of directors at the annual general meeting.
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roczne walne zgromadzenie
yearly meeting, usually of shareholders
The court allowed the landlord to retain the deposit paid by the tenant.
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to keep something; to continue to have something
Due to the expense of litigating this case, our attorney has requested a large retainer up front.
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honorarium adwokackie
an advance fee paid to a lawyer or other professional by a client. As the lawyer works on a matter, he or she will bill time against this fee.
comply with
The corporation complied with its obligations under the statute.
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stosować się do, przestrzegać
to obey a rule or meet a required standard
filing of documents at Companies House on time
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składanie dokumentów do sądu na czas
result in
may result in the imposition of a fine together with a criminal record
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persistent failure
persistent failure to fulfil these duties
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uporczywe niewywiązywanie
disqualification from holding the office of director
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dyskwalifikacji w sprawowaniu fukncji członka zarządu
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księgi rachunkowe
deliver to
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dostarczyć do
within the requisite period
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w wymaganym terminie
You have time to pay within 7 days.
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w ciągu 7 dni
You have time to pay in 7 days.
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za 7 dni
accounting reference date
The accounting reference date is the last day of the month in which the anniversary of incorporation falls.
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data zakończenie roku budżetowego
the date on which the financial year of a company ends, and to which the accounts are made up
The law was amended to exclude contracts entered into prior to 15 July 2003.
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zmienić, dodać - ustawa, umowa, decyzja
to change or add to a law, legal document or decision
late filing penalty
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kara za opóźnienie w składaniu odpowiednich dokumentów
annual returns
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roczna deklaracja
A real estate developer has submitted plans to build the first 500 houses on the new site.
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dowodzić przedkładać argumentować poddawać się przedstawiać składać (np. podanie, rezygnację) przekazywać; dostarczać (np. dokumenty)
to suggest something, often to another person who will then make a decision
strike it off the register
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wykreślić spółkę z rejestru
The company was dissolved following the bankruptcy order.
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to bring something to an end, especially an official organisation, a business entity or a legal relationship
The judge ordered the clerk to strike our client's statement from the court record.
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usunąć z dokumentu, odwołać, wykreślić
to remove something officially from a document (often an official document, list or legal text)
The company is selling off its assets to raise cash.
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majątek, aktywa
something valuable that belongs to a business entity, organisation or private individual
property of the Crown
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własność Korony
notice of change
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zawiadomienie o zmianie
provided to the Registrar
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dostarczonych do Rejestru
The copyright owner retains the option of requesting the court to award actual or statutory damages.
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ustawowy, statutowy
required, relating to, enacted, permitted or regulated by a statute (=a formal written enactment of a legislative body; a written law)
statutory form
All our statutory forms are available on request and free of charge.
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ustawowe formularze
a document that registered companies have to complete with information on their business activities and then file with a governmental authority
serve on
His lawyeres have served a writ for £500,000 in damages against the newspaper.
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to give a legal document to someone telling them that they must go to court or obey a court order
company secretary / company officer
The company secretary arranged the board meeting, made sure that all board members were properly served with notice of the meeting and also drafted the agenda.
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sekretarz spółki
the person in a company responsible for arranging board meetings and for keeping proper records
remit of their duties
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zakres ich obowiązków
to remit
The consignment agreement required the retailer to remit any payment from the sale of the goods to the owner.
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darować, umorzyć, przebaczyć
to release or give back
serving members and auditors with notice of meetings
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doręczanie członkom i audytorom zawiadomień o zgromadzeniach
keep minutes
The minutes of the meeting at which that bonus was awarded show that the board agreed to the amount of the bonus.
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prowadzić protokoły (spółki)
an official written record of what is discussed and decided at a meeting
take records
The court was not convinced that the trial record presented an obvious reason to allow the appeal.
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prowadzić protokoły (sąd)
a record of everything that happens during a trial
commercial venture operating for profit
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przedsięwzięcie handlowe działające dla zysku
anticipated to
The surplus was higher than projected owing to a lower than anticipated merchandise trade deficit.
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przewidziane do
to think that something will happen
by and large
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w dużej mierze
tax neutral
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obojętny podatkowo
extremely comprehensive
The government has launched a comprehensive review of all capital spending in schools.
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całościowy, wyczerpujący
complete; including everything that is necessary; including all or nearly all aspects of something
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podstawowy, niewystarczający
basic; fundamental; not elaborated or perfected
resort to
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uciekać się do
executive directors
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non-executive directors
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outside experts
chief executive officer (CEO)
The CEO reports only to the board of directors. The rest of the company reports to him.
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prezes zarządu
the person with the most important position in a company and who has overall responsibility for the way that the company is run
chief financial officer (CFO)
The CFO of Bagger Corp. is currently involved in planning capital-raising strategies to support the firm’s expansion
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dyrektor finansowy
the person responsible for a company's financial affairs
chief operating officern
While the Chief Executive Officer retains overall responsibility for the management of the company, he or she often delegates the responsibility for certain divisions to the Chief Operating Officer.
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dyrektor naczelny
the person responsible for the day-to-day management of a company
legislative interference
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ingerencja ustawodawcy
scatter over
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rozrzucać, rozproszyć
hard copy letter
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list na papierze
opt out
Companies may choose to opt out of the government plan.
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to choose not to be a part of some activity or to stop being involved in it
opt in (to sth)
He will opt in to the Social Chapter of the new European Treaty.
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- to choose to be involved in an offer or scheme - to choose to join in.
opt for sth
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to choose a particular option.
to be in an agreement
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być w zgodzie

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