ILEC - Lesson 2

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service of process
the act of formally delivering court documents to a party
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potwierdzenie wezwania
the act of formally delivering court documents to a party
at the outset
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na początku
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najważniejszy, najwyższy, krańcowy maksymalny najdalszy ostateczny
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istotny, ważny, krytyczny
give rise to
Your proposed changes give rise to some serious concerns.
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to cause something to happen; to cause something to exist
meet the requirements
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spełnić wymagania
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discourage litigation
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zniechęcać odwieść zrazić odstraszać - procesowanie
revolve around
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oscyluje wokół
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wizerunek, wyobrażenie, portret
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The first case of the Crown appealing against a murder acquittal in Northern Ireland opens in Belfast.
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a formal declaration in court that a person is not guilty of a crime they were accused of
vindicate claims
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dochodzić roszczeń
class action
More than 1,000 say they and their families have suffered ill-health and the government could now face its largest class action yet.
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pozew zbiorowy
a claim brought by one or more people on behalf of the interests of a large group
class action lawsuit
Wal-Mart has been at the center of a massive sex discrimination class action lawsuit.
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powództwo zbiorowe
a lawsuit filed by a group of people sharing a common legal position against a defendant and which can be efficiently and fairly tried in a single action.
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wykroczenie przestępstwo nadużycie grzech
pitting sb against each other
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nastawiać przeciwko sobie
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uraza, frustracja
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mnożenie, rozmnażanie
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egalitarian system
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egalitarny system
During the trial one of the killers, Timy Babmuboni, went into the witness box but his story was torn to shreds during cross examination by prosecutor Brian Altman.
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przesłuchanie krzyżowe, ogień krzyżowych pytań
the questioning of a witness called by the other side in a hearing or trial
inescapable conclusion
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nieukniony wniosek
steadily gain steam
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regularnie nabiera pary
restorative justice
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naprawcza, wzmacniająca sprawiedliwość
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embark on
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incentive for
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disincentive for
Lawyers have claimed that proposals to raise the threshold for small claims from £1,000 to £2,500 would be a disincentive to bring valid cases.
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something (often a financial disadvantage) that makes people not want to do something
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formal adversarial process
In our adversarial system, defendants have a fundamental right to legal counsel.
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proces kontradyktoryjny
an adversarial system is one where two sides disagree with, oppose and attack each other, especially in law and politics
I would counsel you not to sign the contract in its present state.
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radzić doradzać doradzić zalecać udzielać porad
to recommend a particular course of action
remain a mainstay
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pozostaje głównym nurtem
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staranie, usiłowanie
problem solver
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umiejętność rozwiązywania problemów
problem magnifiers
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wyolbrzymiać problemy
The Supreme Court upheld the law permitting the distribution of campaign flyers on city streets on the grounds of freedom of speech.
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podtrzymywać popierać utrzymać w mocy
to declare that a challenged law is valid; to state officially that a decision or fact etc is correct
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potrzebne środki
The necessary means, especially financial means
a favorable jury verdict
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przychylny, korzystny werdykt sądu
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nieodłączny wrodzony przyrodzony
inherent fault
This phone has an inherent fault whereby it keeps switching itself off without warning.
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wada wrodzona, tkwiąca przed
inconsistent with
The jury did not believe him because his description of the violence used was inconsistent with the victim's injuries.
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sprzeczny, niezgodny
if one thing is inconsistent with another, then both cannot be true; incompatible with; contradictory (to)
The testimony was consistent with the known facts.
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compatible with, able to exist with or in agreement with something else; having the same principles as something else
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objąć ogarnąć zawierać
A conviction later used to enhance a federal sentence was unconstitutionally obtained
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zwiększać wzmacniać uwydatniać
to increase or improve the quality, value, length or size etc of something
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poprzedzać wyprzedzać poprzedzić uprzedzić
debt repayment
The repayment of the loan is scheduled in monthly installments.
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spłata długu
the paying back of a loan, a debt or other some of money
insolvency proceedings
The financial crisis is forcing good businesses towards insolvency.
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odpowiednik postępowania upadłościowego
insolvency occurs when your debts are greater than the assets you have available to pay them
non-contentious litigation
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bezsporne procesowanie
I do little very little contentious work; most of my time is spent drafting contracts.
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causing or likely to cause disagreement
come into
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wejść w życie
to become law; to become valid; to come into operation
case manager
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prowadzący sprawę, przewodniczący
set a timetable
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ustawić harmonogram
adhere to timescales
He claimed that he always adheres to the rules.
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przestrzegać = abide by = comply with = honour = obey = follow
if you adhere to an agreement or a law etc then you accept it and act according to it
We paid off the mortgage in 1994 and kept the endowment going to use as a supplement to our pension.
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to add something to something else to help reach a more acceptable level, especially money, food and vitamins etc
practice directions
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zarządzenia sędziego
initiate by
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zainicjować przez
claim form
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formularz pozwu
summons (n.)
The court issued a summons to the defendant on 13th October 2009.
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wezwanie do sądu
an order requiring a person to appear in court or at an official enquiry
witness summons
The prosecution applied to the court for a witness summons to direct the witness to attend court to give evidence.
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wezwanie na świadka do sądu
a legal document ordering a person to appear before a court
subpoena (amer. v.)
Scott should be given the power to subpoena witnesses if the enquiry is to be successful.
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wezwać osobę do sądu
to issue an order requiring a person to appear in court or at an official enquiry
summon (eng. v.)
the defendant was summoned to appear before the judge.
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wezwać osobę do sądu
monetary sums
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kwoty pieniężne
serve on
His lawyeres have served a writ for £500,000 in damages against the newspaper.
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to give a legal document to someone telling them that they must go to court or obey a court order
response pack
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pakiet pism dostarczany pozwanemu - odpowiedź na pozew
Pack sent to a defendant by the court following the issue of a claim containing forms for acknowledging service of the claim and indicating whether it will be defended, admitting liability and making offers to pay the claim by instalments.
admit a claim
The company executive admitted that he had fired the employee because she was pregnant.
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uznać pozew
to agree that a claim or accusation is correct
form of admission
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forma przyjęcia, uznania pozwu
How can you defend someone you know is guilty?
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to represent a defendant during a trial or other judicial hearing
form of defence
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odpowiedź na pozew - obrona
acknowledgement of service
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potwierdzenie doręczenia
Stevens filed a counterclaim stating the claimant owed him money for unpaid orders.
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powództwo wzajemne
a claim filed by a defendant against a claimant in a civil action
particulars of claim
The particulars of claim were filed and served on the defendant (=person against whom action is brought).
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uzasadnienie pozwu
document setting out the case of the claimant (=person who brings an action in a court) and the specific facts relied upon
judgement in default
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wyrok zaoczny
to be given in favour of the claimant
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wydany na korzyść powoda
get a time extension
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dostać przedłużenie terminu -> przywrócenie terminu
file a reply
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odpowiedź na odpowiedź na pozew
allocate to a regime / track
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przydzielić tryb (postępowania)
procedural law
The issue of the failure to give the statutory warning is a matter of procedural law.
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prawo procesowe
the legal rules governing the practice and procedure of the courts when conducting lawsuits
monetary value
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wartość pieniężna
small claims track
claims of 5.000 pounds or less
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podział sądów - najniższa instancja
(Law) Brit and Canadian a local court with jurisdiction to try civil actions involving small claims
fast track
claims up to 15.000 pounds
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podział sądów - wyższa instancja
multi track regime
more complex claims with greater value
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najwyższa instancja
The agreement states that disclosure of confidential information is prohibited (=not allowed).
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prekluzja dowodowa (ujawnienie)
the giving out of information which would otherwise be kept secret
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zbadanie, zapoznanie
ban on disclosure
The law places a ban on disclosure, such that recipients of the letters are forbidden to tell their customers, or any other party, that the records have been turned over.
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zakaz ujawniania trzeciej stronie
a provision in a law or court order prohibiting a party from disclosing information to a third party
witness statements
Are you ready to give a statement?
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zeznania/oświadczenia świadka
a formal written outline of events that a person who has seen, been involved in or accused of a crime gives to the police
Anderson was cleared of the shooting after jurors rejected the testimony of a witness.
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zeznanie podczas procesu
spoken or written statements given by a witness during legal proceedings confirming that something is true
settle their differences
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załatwić ugodowo
a stay in proceedings
The defendant obtained a stay of execution on the enforcement of the judgment.
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zawieszenie postępowania
the stopping of a lawsuit or other legal proceeding by a court order, often temporarily, without dismissing the action
automatic stay
Now that the automatic stay has been issued, we can stop worrying about paying bills and start preparing for the upcoming bankruptcy hearing.
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zawieszenie z urzędu wszystkich postępowań sądowych - podczas wniosku o upadłość
the result of filing a bankruptcy petition, which stops all legal proceedings in other courts from proceeding against the debtor
relief from stay
The judge allowed the bank relief from stay because of the bank’s large risk of loss.
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zwolnienie z zawieszenia
permission granted by the bankruptcy court for a creditor to sue on a claim against a debtor or the debtor’s property even while the debtor’s bankruptcy hearing is pending (=waiting to happen)
case management
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nowa procedura przydzielania spraw w zależności od złożoności i wartości
Under the new regime, the judge becomes the case manager. A case is allocated to one of three tracks, depending on the value of the dispute and the complexity of the case: the small claims track, fast track, or multi-track.
review the process
The board is considering legal action to force a review of the decision.
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przegląd, analiza, omówienie procesu
a judicial reexamination and reconsideration of the legality or constitutionality of a decision taken by the government, an authority or other agent of the state
The law allows the department to compel companies to turn over customer records.
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zmuszać, wymuszać
to require or force, often by court order
derive from
Most of our members derive 100 percent of their income from commissions on a limited variety of products.
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pochodzić z
if you derive something from something then you get it from that thing

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