Unit 4 - Challanges

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to succeed in doing something difficult
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To achieve success in life you need a lot of determination and hard work.
plan and try to do something
dążyć do
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aim for
Simply being happy in life is what I aim for.
to finish doing something
wykonać zadanie
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complete the task
If we complete the task in time, we'll receive a reward.
a slightly negative name for a city
betonowa dżungla
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concrete jungle
We spent all our lives in concrete jungles never knowing how really beautiful the world is.
things that make life more comfortable and easy (semi-formal)
komfort życia
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conveniences of life
We rely on technology so much these days that we couldn't survive without our conveniences of life.
things that make life more comfortable and easy (informal)
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creature comforts
I can never go camping because I can't leave things like my pillows or my phone. I need my creature comforts.
land that is outside cities or towns
teren wiejski, krajobraz
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Life in the countryside is always so quiet and peaceful.
bugs and insects
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I can't sleep in a tent. There are always those creepy-crawlies that terrify me.
things you use for a particular purpose
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Mountain climbers need special equipment like strong ropes and oxygen tanks to reach peaks safely.
to get to your destination
znaleźć drogę
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find your way
I am very good at finding my way. I can never get lost in the woods. (said a man who died in jungle)
being healthy and physically active
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Fitness is quite trendy nowadays and everyone wants to be healthy and slim.
not to believe in something 100 per cent
mieć wątpliwości
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have doubts about
Even though Tori has studied very hard for her exam she still has doubts about her readiness.
become a member of a group
dołączyć do zespołu
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join the team
In order to join our team you have to prove to us your fitness level is satisfactory.
to start a fire at a campsite
rozpalić ognisko
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light a campfire
Being in scouts has taught me some practical skills like how to light a campfire to warm myself or cook some food.
not formed naturally, created or built by humans
stworzone przez człowieka
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Stonehenge is a man-made rock formation.
always thinking positively, believing that goods things will happen
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I know that learning English is not as easy as it seems but I am quite optimistic I'll learn it sooner or later.
not inside a building
na zewnątrz
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While most of my friends stay at home and play computer games all day, I prefer outdoors activities like cycling or walking.
top of a mountain
szczyt góry
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If we want to reach the peak before sundown we have to pick up the pace.
to collect money for a particular purpose
pozyskiwać fundusze
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raise funds
WOŚP is a charity organization that raises funds for medical equipment.
not taking risks (noun)
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Even in extreme sports safety is the most important thing,
to make a list of things we want to do
wyznaczać cele
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set goals
I set my goals when I was in junior high school and I know what I need to do to lead a happy life.
to use your time on a particular activity
spędzać czas
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spend time
I love spending time with my friends. We always have so much fun together.
to keep up with something
utrzymać tempo
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stand the pace
Our coach is in his sixties but we can barely stand the pace with him. We need to practice more.
living under difficult circumstances
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