The incredibile journey

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plywac, dryfowac, to stay on the surface of a liquid and not sink:
pies zostal uratowany z tafli lodu plywajacej 18 mil od brzegu na M. Baltyk
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A dog was rescued from an iceberg floating 18 miles from land in the Baltic Sea
to remove someone quickly from a dangerous or difficult situation:
ostatni pasazerowie zostali wyciagnieci ze statku zaledwie na kilka sekund zanim zatona
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The last passengers were plucked from the ship just seconds before it sank.
piszczec, to make a long, very high sound or cry:
moglismy uslyszec piski prosiakow kiedy weszlismy na gospodarstwo
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We could hear the piglets squealing as we entered the farmyard.
on zostal uwieziony na lodzie na rzece Wisla (x was)
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he got trapped on ice on the Vistula River
dostrzec, o see or notice someone or something, usually because you are looking hard:
Dzien pozniej zostal dostrzezony w Grudziadzu, 40 mil w gore rzeki
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A day later he was spotted in Grudziadz, 40 miles upstream
a dog whose parents are of different breeds, used to describe something of mixed origin:
niktorzy nazywaja j. ang skundlonym jezykiem poniewaz to jest mix starego nim i francuskiego
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Some people call English a mongrel language because it is a mixture of old German and French.
skill and experience, especially in relation to making objects; a job or activity that needs skill and experience, or something produced using skill and experience:
te brazoletki byly zrobione recznie przez rodzinnych Amerykanow
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skill and experience, especially in relation to making objects; a job or activity that needs skill and experience, or something produced using skill and experience:
These bracelets were crafted by Native Americans.
proba, an attempt to achieve something
jej proba na ponowny wybor byla bezowocna
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proba, an attempt to achieve something
a successful bid for re-election
gluptas, a person who behaves in a silly or careless way:
dalej patalachy, grajcie lepiej
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Come on you mutts, play harder!
kolejna proba, azeby ocalic zablakanego kundla zostala podjeta pod kwidzynem
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another bid to save the stranded mutt was made at kwidzyn
an occasion when you see something or someone, especially something that is rare or trying to hide:
to jest pierwszy przypadek dostrzezenia tego szczegolie rzadkiego ptaka w tym kraju.
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This is the first sighting of this particularly rare bird in this country.
skonczyc sie, If a supply of something ___ __, it ends:
jego glowne zrodlo pracy skonczylo sie, pozostawaiajac go bez pieniedzy
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dry up
His main source of work had dried up, leaving him short of money.
ujscie (rzeki)
kundel (x mutt) podrozowal kolejen (x another) 50 ml do ujscia rzeki
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river mouth
the mongrel had travelled A further 50 miles to the river mouth
trzepotac, to make a series of quick delicate movements up and down or from side to side, or to cause something to do this:
zywo kolorowa flaga trzepotala na wietrzyku
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flutter, make a series of quick delicate movements,
Brightly coloured flags were fluttering in the breeze.
jeczec, to make a sudden, short, high sound, usually when in pain:
niechcacy nadepnelem na lape psa i on zajeknal
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I accidentally stepped on the dog's foot and it yelped.
to pull something heavy slowly and with difficulty: wyciagnac
wyciagneli lodke z wody
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They hauled the boat out of the water.
literary a situation in which it is nearly dark and difficult to see well: ciemnosc
kilka chwil pozniej pies nigdy nie zostalby spostrzezony wsrod ciemnosci
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a few moments later the dog would never have been spotted amid the gloom

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