Słówka z maili - angielski 2

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odsłonięty, smagany wiatrem, potargany (przez wiatr)
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Her long blonde hair was windswept when she came back from the walk on the beach.
zaoszczędzić pieniądze
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to sock sth away
I want to try to sock away some money for my vacation.
wyłączyć, odłączyć
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to unplug
Unplug the computer before you go to bed.
załadować coś
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to load up sth
They were loading up the truck with timber.
pojmować, rozumieć
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to comprehend
Dave failed to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.
zlecić coś komuś
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to contract sth out
They €‹contracted out €‹cleaning to €‹private €‹companies.
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Does the price for the holiday include flights and accommodation?
zadawać się z kimś
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to hang around with sb
His brother got into €‹drugs because he was €hanging around with the €wrong €‹people.
wpływać na siebie wzajemnie, łączyć się ze sobą
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to interrelate
We will be discussing how the mind and body are interrelated.
dorównywać czemuś
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to match up to sth
The course failed to match up to our expectations.
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I'm trying to avoid fattening food such as chips or sweets.
naruszać coś
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to infringe on sth
The writer refused to answer questions that infringed on his private affairs.
z pierwszej ręki, osobiście
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Most of the people here have experienced poverty firsthand.
zabrać kogoś/coś gdzieś
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to haul someone/something away
Police handcuffed him and hauled him away to jail.
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to reciprocate
Sadly, her feelings for him were not reciprocated.
wytrwać lub wytrzymać do końca
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to stick it out
I didn't really like the course but I stuck it out to get the certificate.
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Drinking coffee in moderation may offer health benefits.
wybuchnąć czymś
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to burst into sth
She burst into tears when she saw him leaving.
zbliżać się
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to near
Katie began to worry as the day of the exam neared.
popuścić, poluzować komuś
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to let up on sb
The police said they would never let up on drug dealers.
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He was unable to hide the scorn in his voice.
zamazywać coś, przesłaniać
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to blot out sth
She tried to blot out the image of her father's sad face.
mający łzy w oczach
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I always get misty-eyed over our wedding pictures.
zdejmować coś z czegoś
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to get sth off (sth)
Get €your €‹feet off the €‹table right now!
konserwant, substancja konserwująca
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That apple juice is free from artificial preservatives.
wycierać kogoś/coś, wyschnąć
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to dry sb/sth off
We swam in the pool and then lay in the sun to dry off.
rozdzierający, bolesny
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Coping with the wrenching pain completely exhausted her.
sprowokować kogoś, doprowadzić kogoś do czegoś
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to start sb off
Emma was making funny faces and started all the kids off laughing.
jakikolwiek, żaden
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Dave has no respect for his teachers whatsoever.
zagarnąć coś
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to run away with sth
He ran away with the championship again.
przepisać, sporządzić zapis
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to transcribe
The interview was first recorded and then transcribed.
przybliżać się do czegoś/kogoś
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to move in on sth/sb
The police moved in on the terrorists in the building.
klęska, katastrofa
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How was your date yesterday? Oh, it was a complete disaster!
uzupełnić coś
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to round out sth
A €‹bit more research should be done to round out the article.
bezsensowny, bezmyślny
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The game has been criticized for its mindless violence.
pokryć część kosztów czegoś
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to put sth towards sth
My €‹parents gave me some €‹money to put towards a new €‹car.
niehigieniczny, niezdrowy
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They were living in overcrowded and insanitary conditions.
wydrukować coś
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to print out sth
Can you print out a €‹copy of that €‹document for me?
znużony, zmęczony
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We felt terribly jaded after working in the garden all day.
wydobyć coś z/od kogoś
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to get sth out of sb
He managed to get the truth out of her.
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That restaurant is a popular venue for wedding receptions.
nauczyć kogoś życia, wzmocnić kogoś
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to toughen sb up
His parents decided to send him away to school to toughen him up.
pienisty, spieniony
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She brought me a big mug of frothy hot chocolate.
rzucić się do robienia czegoś
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to fling yourself into sth
She flung herself into the preparations for the birthday party.
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Half a million pilgrims from all over Iran and other countries have flocked to the holy city of Mashhad.
przejść na drugą stronę
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to cross over
Two members of the government have crossed over to the opposition.
obiecujący, dobrze się zapowiadający
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While still in college, she was a budding writer.
wal śmiało, dawaj!
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to fire away
I've got a couple of questions.’ All right, then, fire away.’
zasadniczo, w zasadzie
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You may not like it but what he's saying is essentially €‹true.
uwięzić, ściskać, tłoczyć
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to coop sb/sth up
I've been cooped up in that small office all day.
bura, ostra krytyka
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He got an earbashing for forgetting his mother's birthday.
wtargnąć gdzieś, zaskoczyć kogoś
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to burst in on sth/sb
He burst in on the meeting without warning.
wizjer w drzwiach, judasz
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I never open the door for someone before looking through the peephole.
gasić coś
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to stub out sth
He stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray and sat down.
intruz (osoba wchodząca bez pozwolenia na czyjąś posiadłość)
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The sign read: "Trespassers will be prosecuted."
zapaść się, opaść
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to sink backll
I sank back into my armchair and began reading.
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My grandfather was a man of stainless character.
odesłać coś
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to send back sth
I had to send the shoes back because they didn't fit me.
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Remember that you are answerable for all your actions.
odprężyć się, relaksować
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to slop around
She used to slop around all day in her pyjamas.
tylko, wyłącznie, jedynie
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She merely shrugged and walked away.
uginać się przed czymś
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to bend to sth
They were forced to bend to public €‹pressure.
mechanizm, maszyneria
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Reforms are needed in the machinery of government.
zbywać kogoś, spławiać
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to fob off sth
She fobbed me off with a promise to help me with the project the following week.
kurczyć (się), zmniejszyć
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to contract
The economy has contracted by 1.8% since last year.
odrzucić, zignorować
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to brush off sth
The mayor just brushed off all the accusations.
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It was very disloyal of you to repeat what I'd said to your sister.
omijać kogoś, przejść koło nosa
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to pass sb by
I sometimes feel that life is passing me by.
przejęty, zatroskany
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She's been very preoccupied recently because her husband has lost his job.
dzielnie walczyć o coś, z uporem kontynuować coś
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to soldier on
She always soldiered on, despite difficulties in her life.
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His parents were uncompromising in their demands.
ochłodzić się
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to cool down
We went for a €‹swim in the river to €‹cool down.
zapoznany, zaznajomiony
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Not all students are acquainted with the works of Shakespeare.
wypić za coś
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to drink to sth
Let's drink to your new flat!
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to domesticate
Certain species of animals are easily domesticated, while others tend to remain wild all their lives.
wracać do czegoś, nie przerywać czegoś
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to get on with sth
He €‹finished his lunch and got on with the €‹painting.
żerować, szukać pożywienia
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to forage
The birds were foraging for food in our backyard.
denerwować kogoś, wkurzać
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to cheese sb off
His €‹attitude to working with us really cheeses me off!
chrupiący, kruchy
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If you store lettuce this way, it will stay fresh and crisp.
wkraść się (do czyjegoś serca, w czyjeś łaski)
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to worm yourself into sth
He managed to worm himself into her affections.
poręczny, przydatny, wygodny
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My new flat is very handy for the underground station.
dusić coś w sobie, tłumić
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to bottle up sth
You'd better try not to bottle up your emotions.
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I've come to the conclusion that he's not the right partner for me.
zaangażować się, wziąć udział w czymś
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to get in on sth
Our company would like to get in on the project.
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I love the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity here.
odsunąć się, zdystansować się
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to step back
Let’s step back from the problem and have another look at this.
raport, sprawozdanie
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I've been asked for a full report of the meeting.
zmyć się, zwiać
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to skip out
We wanted to skip out at 4 o'clock but our boss €‹asked us to do some extra work.
analizować, szperać
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to sift
The police are going to sift every scrap of evidence.
rozwalić coś, zniszczyć
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to bash sth down
The police bashed down the door to get in.
tchórzliwy, bojaźliwy
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He made a cowardly decision to follow the group.
pomóc komuś coś przetrwać
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to carry sb through sth
Her determination carried her through the difficult period in her life.
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The whole concert was very pleasing to the ear.
rzucić się na coś
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to tear into sth
The kids tore into sweets as if they were starving.
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She was asked to write a foreword for his book.
pozbyć się czegoś
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to dispose of sth
He's believed to have disposed of all the stolen property.
w paski
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I don't wear striped shirts as I prefer plain ones, simple and classic.
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to feel for sb
I really felt for her when her parents died.
głęboko, mocno
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The little girl slept soundly all night.
pominąć coś
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to skip over
Let's skip over the details and get to the point.
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The collected money is €‹going to be used for specific purposes.
stanąć na wysokości czegoś, sprostać czemuś
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to rise to sth
He rose to the challenge and ran very fast.
kapać, skapywać
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to dribble
Blood from the wound dribbled down his leg.
próbować coś zdobyć
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to go after sth
Mark and Tom are both going after the same job.
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We could all see that he was almost at the limits of his endurance.
skłaniać się w kierunku czegoś
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to lean towards sth
My sister's not sure what she wants to do but she's €‹leaning towards law.
odcisk palca
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His fingerprints were found all over the €‹gun.
zarabiać, wyciągać
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to pull down sth
I reckon her husband must be pulling down over $100.€‰000.
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His shoes were always clean and highly polished.
łaknąć, pożądać
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to hunger after/for sth
The whole nation was hungering for change.
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He €‹faced a barrage of €‹criticisms over his €‹handling of the problem.
zasłaniać coś, przykrywać
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to cover sth up
She covered her legs up with a warm blanket.
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It was raining heavily and my trainers quickly became completely sodden.
ścieśnić się
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to squeeze up
Could you squeeze up a little? There'll be enough room for everyone.
moczyć, przemakać, wsiąkać
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to soak
The rain completely soaked our clothes.
cofnąć, przesunąć
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to roll back sth
Rolling back the reforms would be a dangerous step backward for the safety of our markets and our nation’s economic security.
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He's been skittish about taking on such a large mortgage.
wydłużać, przeciągać się
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to draw out sth
The final issue drew the meeting out for another hour.
leń, leniuch
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Come on, lazybones, get up and make some breakfast!
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to reel off
She immediately reeled off the names of her students.
wymyśleć, ukartować
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to contrive
We decided to contrive a meeting between Amy and David.
odpierać, odganiać
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to beat off sb/sth
The company managed to beat off fierce competition.
działać, funkcjonować
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to function
The washing machine wasn't functioning €‹properly so I had to buy a new one.
polegać na czymś, opierać się na czymś
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to consist in sth
Happiness doesn't consist in how many things you own.
surowość, ostrość
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The severity of the sentence surprised everyone.
zrozumieć, dojść do czegoś
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to figure out
If I had a map, I could figure it out.
niewystarczający, wykazujący niedobór
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A diet deficient in €‹vitamin B12 may cause anemia and nerve damage.
wstrząsnąć czymś, zrekonstruować coś, zreorganizować
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to shake sth up
The whole taxi industry needs shaking up.
nieszkodliwy, niewinny
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This bacteria is considered harmless to humans.
rozlec się, rozdzwonić
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to ring out
She got scared when a shot suddenly rang out.
głęboko zakorzeniony
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He has a deep-seated dislike for black people.
wyłączać się
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to switch off
Her job is really stressful and she finds it hard to switch off when she comes home.
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She's proficient in three languages so she shouldn't have any difficulty finding a job.
przychodzić komuś do głowy
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to occur to sb
It never occured to me that he had been invited to the wedding too.
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Unofficial sources report that at least three people were killed in the accident.
wyciągnąć coś z kogoś
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to tease sth out
It may take a while to €‹tease the €‹truth out of her.
ćwierć, ćwiartka
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Three quarters of the island's residents speak both French and English.
wychować kogoś na czymś
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to wean sb on sth
Both Mark and I were weaned on classical music.
łączyć (się)
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to combine
Several factors had combined to ruin our trip.
przyłączać się
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to join in
He listened to them without joining in the conversation.
zapalać (się)
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to ignite
Two teenagers were badly injured when a spark ignited the gas.
odłożyć coś
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to lay down sth
Lay down your mobile phone and look at me! I'm talking to you.
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He got no credit for solving the €‹problem and he felt disappointed.
zająć się czymś przypadkowo
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to stumble into sth
My sister had €‹stumbled into teaching €‹French after she finished college.
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These overpriced souvenirs are sold to gullible tourists.
zaprosić kogoś ponownie
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to ask sb back
After the way you behaved at the interview, they'll never ask you back.
nieproduktywny, jałowy
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We had a couple of unproductive meetings and didn't make a single decision.
wyprodukować, sklecić coś
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to crank sth out
She just cranked out one hit song after another.
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As far as I know, she doesn't have any managerial experience.
wziąć coś pod uwagę
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to factor sth in
When inflation is factored in, people are not earning more these days.
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We haven't found a house that €‹meets €‹our requirements yet.
przestrzegać czegoś
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to abide by sth
All members have to abide by the rules of the club.
corocznie, co roku
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The jazz festival is held annually in August.
gadać o czymś bez końca, nawijać
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to rabbit on sth
She kept rabbiting on about becoming a vegeterian.
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They published photographs of a famous actress in a compromising situation with one of her €‹bodyguards.
odhaczyć coś
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to tick sth off
Have you ticked off my name on the list?
korzystny, dobroczynny
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Spending some time in the country will be beneficial to her health.
odpalić coś, włączyć
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to fire sth up
You have to fire up one of the generators.
niedokładność, nieścisłość
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The book is interesting but €‹full of €‹historical inaccuracies.
przemijać, przelatywać
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to roll by
The €‹years rolled by and I didn't see him again.
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The explanation that Mark gave was rather unconvincing.
nadchodzić, zbliżać się
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to roll around
By the time spring rolled around, she still hadn't found a job.
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He felt no animosity towards his rivals.
zadać sobie trud
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to put oneself out
Amy put herself out trying to make everybody feel at home.
wyznawać, przyjmować
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to espouse
Many religions in the world espouse vegetarianism as a mode of religious development.
przetrzymać coś
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to tough sth out
You're just going to have to tough it all out.
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We've got guests. Could you stop being so unsociable?
przemyśleć coś, rozważyć coś
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to think sth through
I need some €‹time to think it through - I'll let you know when I make a decision.
przejmować mienie, zajmować obciążoną nieruchomość
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to foreclose
Mortgage holders can foreclose on property when the borrower starts missing payments.
przegłosować coś, odrzucić coś w głosowaniu
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to vote sth down
The €‹proposal to build a new swimming pool has been €‹voted down.
pochować, pogrzebać
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to bury
All my family are buried in the same cemetery.
zburzyć coś
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to knock down sth
I heard that this old building is going to be knocked down.
nieatrakcyjny, nieciekawy
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The man was €‹short and skinny and €‹generally unattractive.
sklecić coś, upichcić, zaimprowizować
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to knock sth together
We could knock something together with what's in the fridge.
usunięcie, zniesienie
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There are rules and regulations in some states associated with the removal of trees on private property.
wypuszczać coś, rozpowszechniać
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to pump sth out
The government €‹kept €‹pumping out the same old €‹propaganda.
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My aunt had a waspish €‹tongue that could €‹hurt.
odgrodzić coś
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to screen sth off
The back part of the room was screened off and used as an office.
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A loud hammering at the door woke me up.
przyjmować coś, korzystać z okazji do czegoś
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to pounce on sth
When he was given the €‹opportunity to €‹work there, he €‹pounced on it.
kroczyć dumnie, paradować
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to swagger
Mark's brother swaggered into the office looking really pleased with himself.
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to nose about
A man was seen nosing about in their backyard.
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Shipping containers are modular, affordable and virtually indestructible.
omawiać coś szczegółowo, rozważyć coś
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to talk sth out
You should talk it out with your parents.
wielokrotnego użytku
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I pack my kids' school lunch in reusable containers.
zwyciężyć, wyjść zwycięsko
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to win out
It won't be easy but I'm sure we'll win out in the end.
piśmienność, umiejętność czytania i pisania
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The country has a literacy rate of almost 95%.
mieć wieści o kimś, usłyszeć o kimś
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to hear sth of sb
I haven't heard anything of my cousin for months.
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He gets a 15 percent commission on everything he sells.
zakochać się, stracić dla kogoś głowę
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to fall for sb
Tom always falls for younger women.
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He was found guilty of espionage against Russia.
znaleźć się, skończyć gdzieś
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to finish up
He tried to rob a bank and finished up in jail.
zapewne, przypuszczalnie
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Presumably she just forgot to call you back.
pomieszać coś
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to muddle sth up
Somebody's muddled up all the papers on my desk!
nieśmiały, niepewny siebie
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She was modest and diffident about her achievements.
dokonywać czegoś, osiągać coś
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to pull sth off
I never thought you'd pull that deal off.
przygotowanie, ustalenia
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They've made all the arrangements for the wedding.
wskoczyć gdzieś (wsiąść)
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to jump on
She jumped on a plane and flew out to Warsaw for the meeting.
poprowadzić siłą
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to frogmarch
He was grabbed by two police officers and frogmarched out of the store.
obarczać kogoś czymś
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to saddle sb with sth
Kevin has been saddled with organizing the conference.
przestawiać, przekładać
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to rearrange
We're going to rearrange the furniture in kids' room when they start school.
liczyć na coś
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to reckon on sth
They were reckoning on a profit of about a million a year.
na oklep
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Bareback riding requires skill, balance and coordination.
wstrzymać coś, panować nad czymś
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to rein sth back
She tried to rein back her excitement in front of her parents.
absorbujący, przyciągający uwagę, zajmujący
start learning
Chess can be an extremely absorbing hobby.
naruszać coś, wkraczać na coś
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to encroach on sth
I would never allow work to encroach on my family life.
skazanie, wyrok skazujący, uznanie za winnego
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That man has two previous convictions for theft.
przyjąć kogoś z otwartymi ramionami
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to snap sb up
My brother was snapped up by a large law firm after he graduated.
przekazywać coś
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to relay
He quickly relayed the instructions to the other members of staff.
sklecić coś (naprędce)
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to cobble sth together
I managed to cobble the essay together from some old notes.
wędrówka, wycieczka piesza
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They went on an afternoon hike through the forest.
wcisnąć kogoś/coś między kogoś/coś
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to sandwich sb/sth between sb/sth
I was sandwiched between two large men on the bus.
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A toothpick can damage the gums if not used carefully.
składać coś, sklecić
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to string sth together
He can barely string two words together in French.
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The unemployment rate has dropped to 12%.
wywołać coś, wzbudzić coś
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to call sth forth
That music calls forth a mixture of responses from the listener.
groźny dla życia
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Fortunately, his heart condition is not life-threatening.
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to tow sth away
His car was towed away by the police again.
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to outbid
We managed to outbid our rivals at the auction.
przypisywać coś komuś
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to attribute sth to sb
He attributes his success to both hard work and luck.
drgnąć, ruszyć się
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to budge
We've tried moving the wadrobe but it won't budge.
krążyć, obiegać
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go round
There's a rumour going round that Ann and Dave are having an affair.
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The idea of eating raw meat was repugnant to her.
dostosować coś do kogoś
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to key sth to sb
The textbook was keyed to the interests of young children.
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to lap
He has already lapped most of the other runners.
rozkoszować się czymś
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to glory in sth
He is still glorying in the success of his first book.
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A small package has arrived for you in the morning.
wysunąć się na przód
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to pull ahead
The two runners were side by side until one pulled ahead in the final lap.
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His speeches were always very impactful and memorable.
zaliczyć coś, zdobyć coś
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to notch sth up
His team has notched up 12 goals already this season.
powiększyć (się)
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to supersize
We were given some useful tips on how to supersize our business.
zbliżać do siebie
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to bring sb together
The earthquake brought the community together.
punkt, dokładnie (o jakiejś godzinie)
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The show will start at 8.30 sharp so you'd better hurry up.
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to go in
It's getting cold, let's go in.
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After a slight hesitation, she began to tell her story.
rozpoczynać coś, podejmować coś
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to embark on sth
We're embarking on a new project next month.
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I'm looking forward to our family reunion next week.
doprowadzić coś do końca
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to see sth through
It's going to take a lot of effort to see the project through.
start learning
A popular politician made a statement to the press.
natrafiać na coś, odkrywać coś
start learning
to strike on sth
He struck on the idea for his novel while he was travelling in China.
start learning
Jack's sarcasm is a mask for his insecurity.
obarczać kogoś czymś
start learning
to lumber sb with sth
I’m sorry you’ve been lumbered with clearing up after the party.
naciągać, wpychać coś, opychać
start learning
to hustle
They hustled stolen goods on the streets for years.
potwierdzać coś
start learning
to back sth up
His statement is backed up by recent research.
start learning
to despise
He despised her for the way she treated his wife.
życzyć sobie, żeby coś zniknęło
start learning
to wish sth away
If only I could wish away all my debts.
start learning
to diagnose
His father's cancer was first diagnosed two years ago.
przeprowadzać coś w krótkim czasie
start learning
to rush sth through
The legislation was rushed through parliament.
przestraszyć, zaskoczyć
start learning
to startle
We were all startled by Mark's brother questions.
opowiadać się za czymś
start learning
to declare for something
He has declared for the tax cuts.
poddać się
start learning
to to surrender
The rebel soldiers laid down their weapons and surrendered.
słabnąć, zmniejszać się
start learning
to fall away
The sound of his car fell away into the distance.
start learning
She told me she couldn't stand any more of their mockery.
utrzymywać coś
start learning
to keep up sth
Well done, Katie! Keep up the good work!
resztki, pozostałości
start learning
He always gives the remains of his lunch to the dog.
kupować duże zapasy czegoś
start learning
to load up on sth
People were loading up on bottled water and canned food.
trudny, kłopotliwy
start learning
There were some sticky moments during the meeting but everything cleared out in the end.
odtwarzać coś, odsłuchać coś
start learning
to play sth back
Could you play that last section back to me again?
przewijać do tyłu
start learning
to rewind
Rewind the tape so we can hear it again.
przypadać komuś w udziale
start learning
to fall to sb
The worst tasks always fall to me.
start learning
He's planning to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela next summer.
padać na kogoś
start learning
to fall on sb
As he was the last person to see the boy alive, suspicion fell on him.
opłukać, przepłukać
start learning
to rinse
First, rinse the vegetables with cold water.
wrzucić coś/kogoś do jednego worka
start learning
to lump sth/sb together
They lumped all the children together in one class, regardless of their ability.
start learning
to flick
She flicked the bread crumbs off the kitchen table.
powodować u kogoś wysypkę
start learning
to bring sb out in sth
The heat always brings me out in a rash.
start learning
Due to unavoidable circumstances, it has been decided to advance the event by a week.
zawołać, wykrzykiwać coś
start learning
to call (sth) out
She kept calling out the answers without raising her hand.
ulegający biodegradacji, rozkładający się biologicznie
start learning
This bottle is made of biodegradable plastic.
przywołać kogoś/coś
start learning
to call sb/sth off
We shouted to him to call his dog off but he refused.
wracać do zdrowia
start learning
to convalesce
You'll need a couple of weeks to convalesce after the operation.
wymęczyć kogoś
start learning
to take it out of sb
That last race really took it out of me.
właściwie, odpowiednio, stosownie
start learning
I wasn't properly dressed for that kind of weather and I got cold.
udać się gdzieś
start learning
to take to somewhere
Thousands of Vietnamese refugees took to the South China Sea in boats.
kłamliwy, zakłamany
start learning
Some of the press statements are misleading or even mendacious.
wcisnąć komuś coś bezwartościowego
start learning
to pass sth off as sth
The man kept trying to pass off fakes as valuable antiques.
badacz, odkrywca
start learning
Norway has produced many explorers and adventurers since the Viking age.
spytać kogoś o coś, pokazać coś komuś
start learning
to run sth by sb
Would you run your ideas by me one more time?
nie ogolony
start learning
Quite a lot of women are attracted to unshaven men nowadays.
wparować, wejść bez pukania
start learning
to walk in on sb
She walked in on me while I was getting dressed.
irytacja, rozdrażnienie
start learning
I can understand her annoyance - I'd be furious if I found a hair in my soup.
ścinać coś
start learning
to cut sth down
Trees are being cut down too quickly for earth to regenerate new forests.
start learning
My sister is a nurse so I asked her to give me an injection.
pozbyć się czegoś
start learning
to toss out sth
I tossed out most of my old books when we moved.
niedopowiedzenie, niedomówienie
start learning
To say that the hotel was bad is an understatement. It was terrible!
krytykować kogoś za coś
start learning
to pick sb up on sth
We all knew he was lying and we should have picked him up on it.
do uzgodnienia, do negocjacji
start learning
The terms of the contract are negotiable.
wycofać się z czegoś, stchórzyć
start learning
to bottle out
She was going to enter a dancing contest but she bottled out at the last minute.
obalać, odpierać
start learning
to refute
This study provides data to refute this hypothesis.
rozważać coś w kontekście czegoś
start learning
to balance sth against sth
Development should be balanced against environmental concerns.
wspinaczka, wchodzenie na szczyt
start learning
He made his second successful ascent of Everest last year.
wycisnąć coś z kogoś
start learning
wring sth from/out of sb
In the end, we managed to wring the truth out of him.
gorliwy, żarliwy, zagorzały
start learning
He has always been a zealous supporter of free speech.
skrytykować, ochrzanić kogoś
start learning
to slap sb down
All his suggestions were slapped down by the manager.
błędny, niepoprawny
start learning
His version of the accident is incorrect.
krytykować, strofować kogoś
start learning
to pull sb up
She's always pulling me up for my lateness.
zaskakujący, imponujący
start learning
The yesterday's performance was absolutely jaw-dropping.
pozostać, zostać gdzieś
start learning
to stay around
Will you stay around here for a while?
otoczenie, środowisko
start learning
We spent the day relaxing in the pleasant surroundings of my brother’s home.
wtapiać się
start learning
to blend into sth
We didn't want to be seen so we blended into the crowd.
nadający się do użytku
start learning
Our old carpet is worn but still serviceable.
odkroić coś
start learning
to slice off sth
I almost sliced off the tip of my finger.
popełniać (przestępstwo), dopuścić się
start learning
to perpetrate
A lot of violent crimes are perpetrated by people who have been drinking alcohol.
sprzysiąc się
start learning
conspire against sth
Circumstances had conspired against them and all their plans failed.
start learning
It was a courageous decision to quit her job and start her own business.
pozbyć się czegoś
start learning
to turf sth out
I'm going to turf all my old clothes out soon.
start learning
What's the mileage on your car? Oh, only about 10,000.
odpierać atak kogoś
start learning
to fend sb off
She managed to fend off her attacker with a stick.
kręty, giętki
start learning
There are a lot of bendy and dangerous roads in Crete.
odsunąć kogoś od czegoś
start learning
to take sb off sth
The police officer leading the investigation has been taken off the case.
smutek, żal
start learning
He expressed his sorrow at the news of her illness.
podsłuchiwać coś/kogoś
start learning
listen in on sth/sb
I wish my sister would stop listening in on my phone conversations.
start learning
She will be away for an indefinite period.
zabić coś deskami
start learning
to board sth up
Most shops along the street had been boarded up.
apetyczny, smakowity
start learning
Just look at those mouth-watering cakes.
wystąpić przeciwko czemuś/komuś
start learning
to stand out against sth/sb
He stood out against the guilty verdict.
start learning
He took the motor apart to see why it wasn't working properly.
rozchodzić coś
start learning
to walk off sth
I'm going to the park to walk off this headache.
start learning
Animals shouldn't be used for scientific research.
zajadać się czymś
start learning
to feast on sth
We sat on the sofa feasting on strawberries and champagne.
niewykwalifikowany, bez kwalifikacji
start learning
She got hired for a job she was totally unqualified for.
wtapiać się w coś
start learning
to melt into sth
The security men kept their distance and melted into the background.
początkowy (np. nakłady, koszty)
start learning
Many people underestimate start-up costs and start their business in an unplanned way.
rozweselić coś
start learning
to jolly sth up
You could jolly up the room with colourful cushions on the sofa.
start learning
I hardly ever eat ready-made meals. I prefer to cook.
zabezpieczać przed czymś
start learning
to insure against sth
We were advised to insure against sickness or injury.
przesuwać się, prześlizgiwać
start learning
to glide
The girls were gliding over the ice on a frozen lake.
zderzyć swoje pomysły z kimś innym
start learning
to bounce sth off sb
If you have a moment, I'd like to bounce a couple of ideas off you.
dyskomfort, zakłopotanie, niewygoda
start learning
I could feel a little discomfort for a few days after the operation.
wystąpić w czyimś imieniu (w sądzie)
start learning
to appear for sb
Mr Gilbert is the lawyer appearing for the defence.
mrożący krew w żyłach
start learning
Suddenly we heard a bloodcurdling scream from the woods.
przemawiać komuś do rozsądku, przekonywać kogoś
start learning
to reason with sb
The police reasoned with the hijacker to let the children go free.
naśmiewać się, pokpiwać sobie
start learning
to scoff
She was upset as he scoffed at her poems.
prowadzić do czegoś
start learning
to lead to sth
Eating too many sweets can lead to health problems.
start learning
The car is not new but it's in perfect condition.
rozdzielać się
start learning
to spread out
Spread out now and search the whole field.
rana, obrażenie
start learning
He suffered serious injuries in the car accident last year.
wyjaśniać, pokazywać coś komuś
start learning
take sb through sth
I don’t understand the contract. Could you take me through it?
współżyć, mieszkać ze sobą
start learning
to cohabit
Kate refused to cohabit with Mark before the wedding.
szkicować coś, zarysować
start learning
to rough sth out
I've roughed out a few ideas for my essay.
niepotrzebny, zbędny
start learning
We need to put a stop to the needless suffering and misuse of animals by the tourist industry.
tłuc, robić hałas
start learning
to bang about
We could hear the children banging about in the garden.
analiza, obserwacja
start learning
Foreign policy has been subjected to scrutiny lately.
jakoś sobie radzić, wiązać koniec z końcem
start learning
to scrape by
When he lost his job, the family had to scrape by on Ł100 a week.
rzeczywiście, naprawdę
start learning
He is said to be a truly great composer.
przepisać coś na kogoś
start learning
to make over sth to sb
He made over his property to his daughter just before his death.
zwolnić (prędkość)
start learning
to decelerate
The sports car decelerated at the sight of the police car.
rezygnować z czegoś
start learning
to pass on sth
She passed on the chance to get a promotion because she didn't want to move to another city.
przypominać sobie, pamiętać
start learning
to recollect
As far as I can remember, he works in a bank somewhere in Ohio.
liczyć się do czegoś
start learning
to count towards sth
College credits that students gain during the year count towards their final degrees.
schylać się, pochylać
start learning
to stoop
She stooped down to pick up her keys.
wkuwać coś, studiować coś
start learning
to bone up
He boned up on the history of the company before applying for the job.
mówca, prelegent
start learning
He was a guest speaker at the conference in Dublin.
przeprowadzać coś, wykonać
start learning
to bring sth off
It was a hard task but we brought it off.
nieosiągalny, niedostępny
start learning
Medical equipment is unavailable in many African countries.
napotykać na coś (problem, przeszkody)
start learning
to bump up against sth
They bumped up against inflexible regulations.
start learning
He acquired in-depth knowledge in the field of mathematics and computer science.
zamglić się, zajść łzami
start learning
to film over
When she saw her mother's photo, her eyes filmed over with tears.
start learning
to avoid
Car experts say that this accident could have been avoided.
niebezpiecznie sobie poczynać z kimś/czymś
start learning
to fool with sb/sth
It’s time you stopped fooling with these guys.
powściągliwy, przytłumiony
start learning
His proposal received only a muted response.
kończyć się, zanikać, urywać się
start learning
to peter out
The track became narrower and eventually petered out.
niepewny, niezdecydowany
start learning
She's uncertain whether to change her job or not.
docierać do kogoś
start learning
to bear in on/upon
Suddenly it was borne in upon her that she was becoming too old to start a new career.
start learning
My new flippers are fun to swim with.
zbywać kogoś
start learning
to palm sb off
She palmed me off with an excuse about why she couldn't come to my party.
rozpięty, rozwiązany
start learning
Although it was very cold, his coat was undone.
wkradać się, wślizgiwać się
start learning
to creep into sth
A few mistakes crept into the report.
start learning
The reasoning behind her decision is difficult to understand.
bronić się, odpierać atak
start learning
to fight back
Don't let the kids bully you. Fight back!
start learning
His total indifference to what people think of him surprises me.
obarczać kogoś winą za coś
start learning
to pin sth on sb
You can't pin this one on Dave - he wasn't even there!
skomplikowany, nieporęczny
start learning
Fixing the watch was a very fiddly job.
nie ustawać w wysiłkach, pilnie nad czymś pracować
start learning
to keep at sth
Come on, keep at it, you've almost finished!
roztargniony, zapominalski
start learning
My father has become very forgetful in recent years.
start learning
to drop away
Support for him has begun to drop away lately.
start learning
He had a stash of money under the bed.
śmiać się z kogoś/czegoś
start learning
to laugh at sb/sth
She always laughs at my jokes!
start learning
We started a fire with dry twigs and sticks.
odziedziczyć coś
start learning
to come into sth
He came into quite a lot of money when his father died.
całkowicie, zupełnie
start learning
She's utterly dependent on her parents.
przypominać się komuś, odżywać w kimś
start learning
to come back to sb
When she saw his car, the horror of the accident came back to her.
nakrzyczeć, zbesztać
start learning
to scold
He scolded Kate for arriving late to the meeting.
dostać czegoś
start learning
to come out in sth
If I eat tomatoes, I come out in a rash.
start learning
to prance
The girls were prancing around in bikinis.
otrzymywać coś, narażać się na coś
start learning
to come in for sth
The government has come in for a lot of criticism recently.
posuwać (się) do przodu, dokonywać postępu
start learning
to advance
He returned to study to advance his career.
zamierzyć się na kogoś
start learning
to come at sb
The man came at us with a big knife.
atak, krytyka
start learning
The mayor has received a lot of brickbats in the press recently.
winić kogoś
start learning
to beat up on sb
Don't beat up on Amy, she really tried her best.
podstawa, filar
start learning
Trust is the cornerstone of their relationship.
wymyśleć coś
start learning
to dream up sth
He keeps dreaming up new schemes to expand his business.
rozerwać coś, zaczepić
start learning
to snag
I snagged my jumper on the wire fence.
wspomnieć coś, zrobić uwagę na temat czegoś
start learning
to remark on sth
Dave remarked on how well Kate was looking.
start learning
Purple roses are one of the most fragrant flowers in the world.
nadskakiwać komuś
start learning
to fawn over sb
I don't understand why all employees are fawning over our new boss.
okres dojrzewania
start learning
He spent most of his adolescence quarrelling with his parents.
wierzyć w coś
start learning
to buy into sth
You don’t buy into all that dieting nonsense, do you?
good for your health
start learning
I prefer wholesome home-made meals to fast food.
sprzedać wszystko
start learning
to sell up
My brother decided to sell up and move abroad.
stuknięty, głupi
start learning
That's a barmy idea. Don't do that.
opiekować się kimś, chronić kogoś
start learning
to watch over sb
The actress has a bodyguard watching over her every hour of the day.
hermetyczny, szczelny
start learning
Biscuits will stay crisp if you store them in an airtight container.
zakleić coś, okleić coś
start learning
to tape sth up
Put the vase in a box and tape it up securely.
zniesławienie, pomówienie
start learning
The actress sued the tabloid newspaper for slander.
zwalniać, wyluzować, zmniejszyć tempo
start learning
to slack off
We all slack off a bit at the end of the week.
to choose the words you use when you are saying or writing something
start learning
to word
I don't know how to word this e-mail.
zabrać się do pracy w grupie
start learning
to muck in
If we all muck in, we'll have the project finished by the end of the week.
start learning
Safety must take precedence over all other matters in the workplace.
start learning
to hunker down
She hunkered down and warmed her hands by the fire.
mięczak, cienias
start learning
He's too much of a wimp to go there on his own.
mieszkać ze sobą (bez ślubu)
start learning
to live together
Her parents don't approve of people living together.
zagubiony (w życiu)
start learning
With no friends around, the young man felt adrift in a big city.
narzucać coś komuś
start learning
to foist sth on sb
She keeps foisting her values on her children.
start learning
to recoup
Investor is hoping to recoup some of his losses.
zerwać (znajomość, związek)
start learning
to bust up
They bust up after two years of marriage.
pociągnięcie (pędzlem, ołówkiem)
start learning
With each brush stroke, the artist brings her paintings to life.
przebić się przez coś
start learning
to break through sth
Protesters broke through the police cordon.
oddalać się, cofać się, zacierać się
start learning
to recede
The painful memories were gradually receding in her mind.
podzielić coś, rozłożyć, rozerwać
start learning
to break up sth
The machine was broken up and sold for scrap metal.
start learning
The excise on cigarettes was increased under the last government.
wyrwać się, oderwać się
start learning
to break away
The man grabbed her but she managed to break away.
zły, zirytowany
start learning
Ann gets cross when her boyfriend goes out drinking.
wypuścić coś, wydawać
start learning
to let sth out
She let out a scream when a man with a knife came up to her.
postęp, osiągnięcie
start learning
There aren't many career advancement opportunities in this company.
zdopingować, zmobilizować kogoś
start learning
to bring sb on
Her new English teacher has really brought her on.
napadać, atakować
start learning
to assail
The victim was assailed with fierce blows to the head.
podreperować coś
start learning
to shore sth up
They've been trying to shore up the struggling economy.
start learning
Guess what? I've seen a Brad Pitt lookalike today!
aresztować kogoś
start learning
to pull sb in
The police pulled in several protesters during the demonstration.
obsesja, zaabsorbowanie, troska
start learning
She couldn't stand her boyfriend's preoccupation with money.
biegać w kółko
start learning
to run around
I'm really tired - I've been running around all day.
dokładny, dogłębny, gruntowny
start learning
The police carried out a thorough and painstaking investigation.
wpaść na kogoś
start learning
to run into sb
I ran into an old friend of mine in the shopping mall yesterday.
tracić równowagę
start learning
to overbalance
The child overbalanced and fell into the river.
uwziąć się na kogoś
start learning
to have it in for sb
Kevin thinks his German teacher has it in for him.
start learning
He is regarded as one of the most influential figures in local politics.
zastępować kogoś
start learning
to stand in for sb
Susan will stand in for me while I'm away.
poniżać, upokarzać
start learning
to humiliate
He humiliated his wife in front of all their friends.
przeszukiwać coś, przetrząsać coś
start learning
to trawl through sth
I'll have to trawl through all my documents again.
sezonowy, okresowy
start learning
He's looking for a seasonal part-time job for students.
zasypywać kogoś czymś
start learning
to shower sb with sth
Dave showered his new girlfriend with gifts.
wlec się, ciężko stąpać
start learning
to plod
We plodded through the mud to get to the cottage.
zapominać o czymś nieprzyjemnym
start learning
to put sth behind you
The divorce is over. You must put it behind you now.
start learning
Autism is considered the most heritable of all neuropsychiatric conditions.
grzebać w czymś (szukać)
start learning
to root around
He rooted around in his pocket for some change.
start learning
to impart
He imparted his wisdom and values to younger generations.
zagotować coś
start learning
to boil up sth
Could you boil up some water for me?
niepewność, zawieszenie
start learning
Don't keep me in suspense. Tell me what happened!
pracować nad czymś ciężko, kontynuować coś z zapałem
start learning
to crack on
If we crack on with the project we should finish it tomorrow.

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