sales promotions

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consumer who shows no loyalty to a particular brand, but changes among competing products
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public's beliefs and perceptions about a particular product
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brand image
commitment of consumers to a particular brand
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brand loyalty
small amount of a new product given to consumers to encourage them to try it
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free sample
first time a consumer buys a product to see what it's like
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initial trial
popular product sold with no profit, in order to attract customers to a store
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loss leader
strongly influenced by the price when buying goods or services
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average length of time between a consumer's repeat purchases of the same product
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purchasing cycle
certificate offering consumers a price reduction on a particular product
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redeemable coupon
przyciągać klientów
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to attract customers
przeciwdziałać promocji konkurenta
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to counter a competitor's promotion
utrzymać udział w rynku
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to maintain market share
zaoferować obniżenie ceny
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to offer a price reduction
pobudzenie sprzedaży
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to stimulate sales
wypróbować nowy produkt
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to try out a new product

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