Phrasal verbs

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get on
I wonder how Michael's getting along in his new job?
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radzić sobie
to deal with a situation, especially successfully
face up to sth
I myself, as President of the French Republic, had to face up to my responsibilities. It's time I faced up to the sad truth: I can't sing.
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pogodzić się z czymś, sprostać czemuś, stawić czoło czemuś
to accept that a difficult situation exists
give out
leaflet - ulotka
Her job is to answer questions and give out leaflets.
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give up
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poddać się, zrezygnować
to stop trying to think of the answer to a joke or question
come up
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pojawiać się
if a problem or difficult situation comes up, it happens.
deal in sth
A shop dealing in rare books
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handlować czymś
talk sb round
Some board members are opposed to the merger, but it may be possible to talk them round.
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przekabacać kogoś
to persuade someone to agree with you or to do what you want, when they have previously been against it
talk sth through
I've thought it through and decided not to take the job.
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przedyskutować coś
talk to someone, etc very carefully about something from the start to the end
bring sb round
We tried to bring her round but in vain (na próżno)
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finish sth off
I have to finish off this report by Friday. Would you like to finish off the pizza?
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dokończyć coś
to complete the last part of something that you are doing or to eat, drink, or use the last part of something
finish up
I only went for two days, but finished up staying for a week.
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znaleźć się, ≈ skończyć się na
to finally be in a particular place, state, or situation, usually without having planned it

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