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keep things fresh
We constantly update the website and have special offers to keep things fresh.
start learning
to keep sth updated
pride someone on sth/ pride someone on doing sth
He prides himself on his loyalty to his friends./ As a company, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients.
start learning
to value a skill
draw lessons from
We can draw lesson from past mistakes.
start learning
to learn form
a wealth of sth (a wealth of studies)
There is now a wealth of studies to support the idea of banning laptop use in the classroom.
start learning
a lot
be sufficient to determine whether
No single test would be sufficient to determine wheter the product is safe for human consumption.
start learning
be enought to prove sth
researchers working in the field of
I'm speaking at a conference for researchers working in the field of biometrics.
start learning
may well prove to be
The discovery may well prove to be the key to developing a cure for dementia.
start learning
live to tell the tale
We had a horrific journey, but we lived to tell the tale.
start learning
to successfully deal with or continue to live despite a difficult situation or experience
sort out
sort out a place to stay/ sort out a visa/ sort out our differences
start learning
to fixe, repare
be subjected to
be subjected to a terrible verbal abuse/ be subjected to torture
start learning
to be a subject to sth unpleasant
move into
move into publishing/ move into my new apartment
start learning
change place
sound out
sound out voters/ sound out the staff about the changes
start learning
find out in an informal way/wybadać
narrow down
narrow down the list of suspects/ narrow down your opinions
start learning
end up
end up in trouble/ end up homeless/ end up spending over 200 euro
start learning
finish as

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