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Ja mam
Ja mam przyjaciela
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I have got
I have got a friend.
Ty masz
Ty masz ciastko
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You have got
You have got a cake.
On ma
On ma deskorolkę
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He has got
He has got a skateboard.
Ona ma
Ona ma książkę.
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She has got
She has got a book
Ono ma
Ono (pies) ma kość.
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It has got
It has got a bone.
My mamy
My mamy piłkę.
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We have got
We have got a ball.
Wy macie
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You have got
Oni mają
Oni mają piłkę.
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They have got
They have got a ball.
Ja nie mam
Ja nie mam saksofonu.
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I haven't got
I haven't got a saxophone.
Ty nie masz
Ty nie masz deskorolki.
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You haven't got
You haven't got a skateboard.
On nie ma
On nie ma saksofonu.
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He hasn't got
He hasn't got a saxophone.
Ona nie ma
Ona nie ma deskorolki.
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She hasn't got
She hasn't got a skateboard.
Ono nie ma
Ono (pies) nie ma kości.
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It hasn't got
It hasn't got a bone.
My nie mamy
My nie mamy saksofonu.
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We haven't got
We haven't got a saxophone.
Wy nie macie
Wy nie macie owcy
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You haven't got
You haven't got a sheep.
Oni nie mają
Oni nie mają saksofonu
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They haven't got
They haven't got a saxophone.
Czy ja mam?
Czy ja mam siostrę?
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Have I got...?
Have I got a sister?
Czy ty masz?
Czy ty masz deskorolkę?
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Have you got...?
Have you got a skateboard?
Czy on ma?
Czy on ma psa?
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Has he got...?
Has he got a dog?
Czy ona ma?
Czy ona ma piłkę?
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Has she got...?
Has she got a ball?
Czy ono ma?
Czy ono (pies) ma kość?
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Has it got...?
Has it got a bone?
Czy my mamy?
Czy my mamy prezent dla niej?
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Have we got...?
Have we got a gift for her?
Czy wy macie?
Czy macie talent?
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Have you got?
Have you got talent?
Czy oni mają?
Czy oni mają saksofon?
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Have they got...?
Have they got a saxophone?

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