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dostosować, przystosować, regulować
To bring the components of into a more effective or efficient calibration or state: adjust the timing of a car's engine.
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kontrolować, sterować, uruchamiać, nadzowrować, regulować
To adjust to a requirement; regulate: controlled trading on the stock market; controls the flow of water.
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maleć, zmaleć, zmniejszać się, obniżąć, ubywać
To grow or cause to grow gradually less or smaller, as in number, amount, or intensity.
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odłączyć zasilanie
(Engineering / Electrical Engineering) (tr) Electrical engineering to disconnect (an electrical circuit) from its source.
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deprymowac, obniżać, osłabiać, naciskać
To cause to drop or sink; lower: The drought depressed the water level in the reservoirs.
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zwiększać, wzrastać, podwyższać, wzmacniać,
There is a noticeable increase in the number of women joining the police training academy as Kuwaiti women are constantly encouraged to participate in all areas of society.
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upewnić się, upewnić się co do czegoś,
To establish something without doubt; make certain: Make sure he writes it down.
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monitorowac, prowadzić podsłuch, kontrolować,
To keep track of systematically with a view to collecting information: monitor the bear population of a national park; monitored the political views of the people.
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działać, mieć zastosowanie, obsługiwać, prowadzić, wprowadzać, uruchamiać, funkcjonować
To perform a function; work: The motor operates smoothly. (tr) to control the functioning of operate a machine.
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wykonywać, odgrywać, prowadzić, czynić, spełniać, zrobić, dokonać
To carry on; function: a car that performs well on curves. To fulfill an obligation or requirement; accomplish something as promised or expected.
PUT (V.)
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kłaść, umieszczać, wsadzać, stawiać, wywierać, nakładać, rzucać
Nautical To proceed: The ship put into the harbor. To place in a specified location; set: She put the books on the table.
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naciskać, prasować, uciskać, tłoczyć, nalegać, napierać
To exert force or pressure. Any of various machines or devices that apply pressure.
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ewidencjonować, zapisać, nagrać,
To indicate, show, or register his face recorded his disappointment. (Physics / General Physics) (also intr) (of an instrument) to register or indicate (information) on a scale the barometer recorded a low pressure.
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uwalniać, zwalniać, zrzucać, wypuszczać, zostawić
To free from something that binds, fastens, or holds back; let go: released the balloons; released a flood of questions. (Engineering / Mechanical Engineering) a control mechanism for starting or stopping an engine.
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usuwać, zdejmować, zwalniać, wybijać
To take away; withdraw: removed the candidate's name from consideration. To move from a place or position occupied: removed the cups from the table.
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przestawiać, nastawiać, resetować, wyzerować, uruchomić ponownie
(Engineering / General Engineering) to restore (a gauge, dial, etc.) to zero
SET (V.)
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umieszczać, kłaść, uruchamiać, nastawiać, wyznaczać, krzepnąć, wtapiać
To adjust (an instrument or device) to a specific point or calibration: set an alarm clock. To arrange properly for use: set a place for a dinner guest; set a table.
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rejon, teren, okolica, powierzchnia, sfera, zakres, kwestia, dział
The two-dimensional extent of the surface of a solid, or of some part thereof, esp one bounded by a closed curve the area of a sphere
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głębokość, głębia, toń, głębina
The extent, measurement, or dimension downward, backward, or inward: dove to a depth of 30 feet; shelves with enough depth to store the large boxes.
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wysokość, wzrost, wyniesienie, apogeum
The vertical distance from the bottom or lowest part of something to the top or apex. The point of highest intensity; the climax: the height of a storm.
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długość, kawałek...
The measurement of the extent of something along its greatest dimension: the length of the boat. the linear extent or measurement of something from end to end, usually being the longest dimension or, for something fixed, the longest horizontal dimension.
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wielkość, mierzyć, rozmiar, oceniać
The physical dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or extent of an object. Relative amount or number, as of population or contents: What size is Cleveland?
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grubość, warstwa (czasami - gęstośc)
The dimension between two surfaces of an object, usually the dimension of smallest measure. The quality or condition of being thick.
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waga, ciężar, odważnik, obciążać, grubość pisma
A measure of the heaviness of an object. Physics / General Physics) Physics the vertical force experienced by a mass as a result of gravitation. It equals the mass of the body multiplied by the acceleration of free fall. Its units are units of force (such as newtons or poundals) but is often given as a mass unit (kilogram or pound). Symbol W
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The measurement of the extent of something from side to side.
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głębokość, głęboki, mocny
Extending far downward below a surface: a deep hole in the river ice.
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ciężki, solidny, gruby, głośny, masywny, duży
(Physics / General Physics) having a relatively high density lead is a heavy metal
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wysoki, duży, wielki, wysoko
Extending a specified distance upward: a cabinet ten feet high. Of great importance: set a high priority on funding the housing program.
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wielki, duży, mnóstwo, powiekszony
Of greater than average size, extent, quantity, or amount; big.
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długi, długoletni, długo, (pragnąć, tęsknić, wzdychać)
Of relatively great duration: a long time. Of relatively great duration: a long time.
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kwadrat, plac, skwer, rynek, czworobok, (spłacać, poprawiać)
A plane figure having four equal sides.
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szeroki, szeroko, przestronny
Having a specified extent from side to side: a ribbon two inches wide. Having great extent or range; including much or many: a wide selection; granting wide powers; wide variations.
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słownik, słowniczek, glosariusz
(Library Science & Bibliography) an alphabetical list of terms peculiar to a field of knowledge with definitions or explanations Sometimes called gloss
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punkt zaczepienia podnośnika
Marks a jacking point that may be user to raise the rear of the car. This jacking point cannot be used without removing the undertray.
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koło główngo podwozia
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czujniki zrównoważenia (?)
The Honeywell Weight and Balance System measures aircraft gross weight and center of gravity using sensors mounted on the aircraft landing gear.
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podwójne klapy opon podwozia głównego (?)
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kształt opon i klap (?)
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koło, (popychać, toczyć, prowadzić)
A wheel is a device that is capable of rotating on an axle through its center, facilitating movement or transportation while supporting a load (mass), or performing labor in machines. Common examples found in transport applications
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podnośnik hydrauliczny, lewarek, dźwignik hydrauliczny
Hydraulic jacks are typically used for shop work, rather than as an mergency jack to be carried with the vehicle.
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podstawka klinowa
A block or wedge of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object.
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instalować, podłączać, montować
To connect or set in position and prepare for use: installed the new furnace; installed software on my computer.
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podwozie przedznie (NLG)
The nose landing gear is not only needed for safe landing, but also for steering the aircraft when taxiing on the ground.
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podwozie główne (MLG)
he nose gear shock strut, drag struts, and retracting mechanism are similar to those described for the main landing gear.
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konieczny, potrzebny, nieunikniony, nieodzowny
Needed to achieve a certain result or effect; requisite: the necessary tools.
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adapter do podnośnika
We manufacture a safe and secure Jack Adaptor to allow safe lifting via a Clarke Jack CTJ3000G. The diameter of the mount is 30mm as standard. Our Adaptor for the CTJ3000QL is also available - this has a mount of 23mm. This adaptor also fits many other jack types.
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powoli, wolno, pomału
These adjectives mean taking more time than is usual or necessary. Slow is the least specific: a slow bus; a slow heartbeat; slow to anger.
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procedura, tryb, sposób postępowania
A way of acting or progressing in a course of action, esp an established method.
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równoważny, równoznaczny, odpowiednik, ekwiwalnet
Being essentially equal, all things considered: a wish that was equivalent to a command. Equal or interchangeable in value, quantity, significance, etc.
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w kierunku rufy
Toward the stern.
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przejściówka, rozgałężnik, adaptor
A connector for joining parts or devices having different sizes, designs, etc., enabling them to be fitted or to work together.
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pod, poniżej, (podstawić)
In a lower position or place than: a rug under a chair. Directly below; on, to, or beneath the underside or base of under one's feet.
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The suction cup of your BallPad is placed on the back of your device while its other end comes to rest on your desk, your table... and gives you a perfect inclination angle to see your screen... very clever the BallPad of Skpad!
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poziom, poziomica, płaszczyzna, równy, (zrównać, ucierać, równać)
Relative position or rank on a scale: the local level of government; studying at the graduate level.
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dźwig, winda, podwiezienie, wznieść (podnosić, dźwigać)
To direct or carry from a lower to a higher position; raise: lift one's eyes; lifted the suitcase.

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