Spanish Words: Top 500 Verbs

Spanish Words: Top 500 Verbs
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500 most important Spanish verbs 1 - 25  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 26 - 50  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 51 - 75  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 76 - 100  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 101 - 125  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 126 - 150  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 151 - 175  
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500 most important Spanish verbs 176 - 200  
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The beautiful Spanish language

The Spanish language is a Romance language that derived from Latin. It contains many Arabic words due to the Muslim rule in Spain. Spanish became a distinct language thanks to the efforts of King Alfonso that wanted the language to be standardized and to become official. As the collonial empire of Spain spread, Spanish became the main language of many regiouns outside the Iberian peninsula. An interesting fact about Spanish grammar is that inverted exclamation and question marks are used in order to highlight the question or exclamation of a sentence. It is also interesting that most of the Spanish language speakers live in Latin America not on the Iberian Peninsula. Spanish is a melodical language with a lot of passion in it. Many people learn Spanish worldwide because it is so wide spread and so beautiful. Be the one of those people and learn Spanish in no time with our flashcards!

Learn Spanish verbs

This lesson will teach you Spanish verbs using flashcards. This method is the fastest way to learn Spanish and a very fun one! Here are some of the main reasons to follow this course of Spanish verbs:

  • 1. It was created by our professional linguists that know exactly what you need to learn!
  • 2. They gathered the most important and useful Spanish verbs in just one course! You will learn how is to do in Spanish, to be in Spanish or to have in Spanish!
  • 3. The flashcards include the Spanish to English translation of the Spanish verbs, along with example sentences and pictures - all you need to understand the Spanish verbs!
  • 4. The lector will help you with the pronunciation of these common Spanish verbs so you will not have to worry that someone may not understand what are you saying!
  • 5. Our Spaced Repetition System will help you repeat the Spanish verbs that seemed difficult to you in order to remember them forever!

Everything is prepared for you to learn the most important Spanish verbs! What are you waiting for?

Want more Spanish courses?

The easiest way to learn Spanish is with our flashcards! If you're wondering how to become fluent in Spanish, the answer is simple - you have to follow our Spanish courses! Dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to learning Spanish with VocApp to see fast results! Learn the Spanish verbs of this course and repeat them until you remember them! After the Spanish verbs, it would be a great idea to follow the courses on nouns and adjectives in order to add more words to your Spanish vocabulary: Spanish Words: Top 1000 Nouns, Spanish Words: Top 300 Adjectives. Don't forget that there are many more Spanish courses on our platform and that you can also follow them on our app. A great course we advise you to take a look at is Spanish in 1 day. Start learning Spanish with VocApp and you will soon be able to speak Spanish!