500 most important Spanish verbs 351 - 375

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to pack
I still need to pack my suitcase.
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Todavía necesito empacar mi maleta.

to cure
Why can't some diseases be cured?
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¿Por qué no se pueden curar algunas enfermedades?

to replace
We've finally replaced the old windows.
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Finalmente hemos reemplazado las viejas ventanas.

to shine
The stars are shining so brightly tonight.
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Las estrellas están brillando tan intensamente esta noche.

to measure
Some results are hard to measure.
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Algunos resultados son difíciles de medir.

to hurry
Hurry up, or we won't catch the plane!
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darse prisa
¡Date prisa o no cogeremos el avión!

to fail
I've failed this exam twice already.
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He suspendido este examen dos veces.

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