500 most important Spanish verbs 251 - 275

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to get used to
I can't get used to the new interface.
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No puedo acostumbrarme a la nueva interfaz.

to place
My application was placed on the reserve list.
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Mi solicitud fue colocada en la lista de reserva.

to serve
The supper will be served at 7.
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La cena se servirá a las 7.

to shout
They got scared and ran away shouting.
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Se asustaron y huyeron gritando.

to smoke
If you smoke, you'll get lung cancer.
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Si fumas, te dará cáncer de pulmón.

to connect
The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn with Manhattan.
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El puente de Brooklyn conecta Brooklyn con Manhattan.

to discuss
We have to discuss every possibilty.
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Tenemos que discutir todas las posibilidades.

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