500 most important Spanish verbs 301 - 325

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to slow down
He slowed down when he saw the police car.
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reducir la velocidad
Redujo la velocidad cuando vio el coche de policía.

to achieve
Together we will achieve more.
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Juntos lograremos más.

to confirm
I'd like to confirm my reservation for tonight.
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Me gustaría confirmar mi reserva para esta noche.

to betray
How dared you betray me?
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¿Cómo te atrevíste a traicionarme?

to convince
How did you manage to convince them?
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¿Cómo lograste convencerles?

to bury
I burried my hamster in the garden.
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Enterré mi hámster en el jardín.

to vote
We voted against the new law.
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Votamos en contra de la nueva ley.

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