500 most important Spanish verbs 76 - 100

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to get up
I hate getting up early in the morning.
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Odio levantarme temprano por la mañana.
to enjoy
Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?
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pasárselo bien
¿Te lo pasaste bien ayer?
to take off
Take off your jacket, it's hot inside.
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Quítate la chaqueta, hace calor dentro.
to create
How do I create new flashcards?
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¿Cómo crear nuevas fichas?
to lead
It's not easy to lead an easy life nowadays.
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No es fácil llevar una vida fácil hoy en día.
to forget
I forgot to do the shopping.
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Me olvidé de hacer las compras.
to fight
Don't try to fight your destiny.
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No intentes luchar contra tu destino.
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