500 most important Spanish verbs 51 - 75

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to take
Take some more potatoes.
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Coge algunas patatas más.
to go up
Go up the stairs and turn right.
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Sube por las escaleras y gira a la derecha.
to understand
I don't understand what you're saying.
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No entiendo lo que estás diciendo.
to die
Hundreds of people die of hunger.
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Cientos de personas mueren de hambre.
to talk to somebody
Did you talk to him about his conduct?
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hablar con alguien
¿Hablaste con él acerca de su conducta?
to ring
I was taking a shower when the doorbell rang.
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Estaba bañándome cuando sonó el timbre.
to drink
You should drink a lot of water.
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Deberías beber mucha agua.
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