500 most important Spanish verbs 326 - 350

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to advance
The technology has really advanced over the past 10 years.
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La tecnología realmente ha avanzado en los últimos 10 años.

to refuse
I couldn't refuse the proposal.
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No podía rechazar la propuesta.

to ignore
Ignore the noises, my son's band is rehearsing.
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Ignora los ruidos, la banda de mi hijo está ensayando.

to swim
Swimming can help you reduce back pain.
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Nadar puede ayudar a reducir el dolor de espalda.

to invent
The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.
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La bombilla fue inventada por Thomas Edison.

to declare
The customs officer asked me if I had anything to declare.
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El funcionario de aduanas me preguntó si tenía algo que declarar.

to climb
How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?
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¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita para escalar el Everest?

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