500 most important Spanish verbs 176 - 200

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to mark
I bought a used book and the answers are already marked.
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Compré un libro usado y las respuestas ya están marcadas.
to escape
It's impossible to escape from prison.
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Es imposible escapar de la prisión.
to act
Peter is acting strange today.
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Pedro está actuando hoy de manera extraña.
to move
We moved to London two years ago.
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Nos mudamos a Londres hace dos años.
to beg
I'm begging you for mercy.
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Te estoy pidiendo compasión.
to fill
You have to fill in both cups.
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Tienes que llenar ambas tazas.
to enter
I enter the office and make myself a coffee.
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Entro en la oficina y me hago un café.
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