500 most important Spanish verbs 126 - 150

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to hurt
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.
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hacer daño
Lo siento, no fue mi intención hacerte daño.
to throw away
I finally threw away the broken fridge.
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Finalmente tiré el frigorífico/refrigerador roto.
to complete
Why do you never complete your tasks?
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¿Por qué nunca completas tus tareas?
to learn
I'm learning new words.
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Estoy aprendiendo nuevas palabras.
to charge
I need to charge my phone.
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Necesito cargar mi teléfono.
to decide
She couldn't decide which dress to buy.
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No era capaz de decidir qué vestido comprar.
to dance
Have you ever danced salsa?
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¿Alguna vez has bailado salsa?
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