500 most important Spanish verbs 376 - 400

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to realize
When did you realize that?
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darse cuenta
¿Cuándo te diste cuenta de eso?

to attract
Moths are attracted to light.
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La luz atrae las polillas.

to amuse
It amused me to see my grandpa dance.
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Me divirtió ver a mi abuelo bailando.

to sustain
He was desperately trying to sustain the conversation.
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Estaba tratando desesperadamente de mantener la conversación.

to describe
How would you describe your dream job?
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¿Cómo describirías el trabajo de tus sueños?

to dine
Every Saturday I dine with my family.
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Todos los sábados ceno con mi familia.

to hesitate
I didn't hesitate for a second.
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No lo dudaba ni por un segundo.

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