Spanish Vocabulary A1

Spanish Vocabulary A1
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Start to learn the language of Shakira, Pablo Picasso and Gabriel García Márquez
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This basic vocabulary will show you the beauty of the Spanish language
Find out some differences between Latin American Spanish and Spanish used in Spain
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Languages, countries and nationalities - Idiomas, países y nacionalidadesLanguages, countries and nationalities - Idiomas, países y nacionalidades  
82 flashcards
Time, calendar and frequency - Tiempo, calendario y frecuenciaTime, calendar and frequency - Tiempo, calendario y frecuencia  
103 flashcards
Jobs - ProfesionesJobs - Profesiones  
76 flashcards
Introductions - IntroducirseIntroductions - Introducirse  
36 flashcards
In the city - En la ciudadIn the city - En la ciudad  
81 flashcards
Greetings and farewells - Saludos y despedidasGreetings and farewells - Saludos y despedidas  
31 flashcards
Food and drink - Comida y bebidaFood and drink - Comida y bebida  
83 flashcards
Fashion and clothes - Moda y ropaFashion and clothes - Moda y ropa  
49 flashcards
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A1 Spanish vocabulary

Study Spanish vocabulary with our coarse, which includes Spanish nouns and verbs . Now you can learn Spanish words with ease and memorise them quickly with our Spanish vocabulary flashcards . Improve your Spanish vocabulary with VocApp and speak just like the locals do. If you are more proficient, check out Spanish Vocabulary A2 or Spanish Vocabulary B1

Learn A1 Spanish vocabulary

Learn Spanish words easily and quickly with VocApp. This course includes all the spanish words you may need to achieve Spanish A1 . Study Spanish nouns, verbs and adjectives and improve your Spanish language skills.

Do you want to improve your Spanish vocabulary?

Thinking about learning new Spanish words? Access our course to achieve Spanish A1 vocabulary quickly and esily, get ready to your language proficiency exam or simply broaden your vocabulary and learn Spanish nouns and verbs. Forget about the dictionary.

Spanish vocabulary flashcards

With our flashcards you'll be able to quickly conquer A1 Spanish vocabulary and become more proficient and fluent. Say exactly what you want to say by learning more useful Spanish words . Speak like a native with our course!

Spanish A1 flashcards

Do you want to be fluent in Spanish and express your thoughts and ideas with ease? Try our Spanish vocabulary flashcards and achieve your language goals. In this course you will find Spanish nouns, verbs and adjectives, which will help you to learn and master advanced Spanish vocabulary. Get ready to a language proficiency tests or to travels with VocApp!