Bednarski - Tatiana - Lista 4

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natarcie (posuwanie się naprzód)
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Advances (the forward movement of a group of people, especially armed forces)

atak z powietrza
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an airstrike

strty w ludziach
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casualties (people who are killed or injured in war or in an accident)

straty w lutności cywilnej
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civilian casualties

civilian (connected with people who are not members of the armed forces or the police)

coalition (a group formed by people from several different groups, to work together for a particular purpose)

siły koalicyjne
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coalition forces

troska (zmatrwienie)
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a concern (a feeling of worry, especially one that is shared by many people)

dowoty (materiały dowodowe)
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evidence (the facts, signs or objects that make you believe that something is true)

wynik (rezultat, odkrycie)
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findings (information that is discovered as the result of research into something)

wynik śledztwa
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findings of an investigation

siły zbrojne (oddziały)
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forces (the army, navy, air force)

wstępne szacunki
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initial assessment

śledztwo (dochodzenie)
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investigation (an official examination of the facts about a situation, crime)

odnosząc się do
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referring to

to battle (with)

prowadzić dochodzenie (śledztwo)
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to conduct an investigation

przeprowadzić (prowadzić, kierować
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to conduct (to organize and/or do a particular activity)

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to contest (to oppose formally because you think a statement or a decision is wrong)

eskalować przemoc
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to escalate violence

eskalować (nasilać, potęgować)
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to escalate (to become or make something greater, worse, more serious)

wyrazić troskę
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to express concern

to express (to show or kame known a feeling, an opinion, by words, looks or actions)

wydac raport (opublikować)
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to release a report

okazać dowody
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to show evidence

zatrzymać natarcie
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to stem advances

powstrzymać (tamować)
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to stem (to stop sth that is flowing from spreading or increasing)

violence (violent behaviour that is intended to hurt of kill somebody)

organy ścigania
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low enforcement agencies

rozprzestrzeniać się jak wirus
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go viral

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