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notoryczny, jawny, notorycznie, bezustannie
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notorious, notoriously, infamous, known for something bad
He was a notorious criminal.
pilny, pilnie
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urgent, urgently, important, needing attention right away
It's a really urgent case.
mały, drobny
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diminutive, very small, tiny
Even a diminutive woman like her would be able to lift it.
błogi, szczęśliwy
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blissful, full of joy and peaceful
It was a blissful time in my marriage.
obsunięcie się ziemi
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landslide, a mass of earth and rocks moving down qiuckly
According to the press, there were no further landslides.
przeraźliwie, przeszywająco, potwornie (o zimnie)
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bitterly, very, extremely (about cold weather)
It can be bitterly cold here in February.
wspaniały, cudowny, fantastyczny, bajeczny
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fabulous, excellent, wonderful
Sheila's a fabulous girl.
zapierajacy dech w piersiach
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breathtaking, exciting, surprising, beautiful, impressive
zabawnie, komicznie
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hilariously, in a funny, entertaining way
This sitcom is hilariously funny.
niezwykle, niezmiernie
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exceedingly, very, to a great extent
She was an exceedingly wealthy person.

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