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podobać się, przemawiać do (wyobraźni, uczuć)
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appeal, to attract someone; to appear interesting
This series appeals to teenage girls.
język migowy
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sign language, a language used by the deaf where a system of gestures is used
She's been learning the sign language.
waga, znaczenie
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significance, the importance of something
It was a matter of no significance.
znaczący, istotny; znaczny
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significant, important, easy to notice
A significant increase has been observed.
poważnie, dotkliwie; ciężko
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grievously, seriously, in a way that causes acute pain
He was grievously wounded.
posępny, ponury
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grim, hopeless, worried; sad, umpleasant
His face was grim as he was telling us what had happened.
stęskniony za domem, stęskniony za ojczyzną
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homesick, longing for one's home or homeland, feeling bad and missing home and family
Kinga's been living in London for a couple of years now and she's never been homesick.
przytulny, swojski, domowy; miły
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homey, cosy, comfortable, like at home, nice
It felt quite homey and good.
schowek na rękawiczki (w samochodzie)
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glove box, glove compartment, a built-in container in a car for keeping small things
korzystny, zyskowny
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gainful, providing profit
No employment appeared gainful enough for this ambitious girl.
kusić, nęcić, wabić
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tempt, to make somebody really want something, usually wrong or not necessary
Their offer seemed so attractive that it tempted me into buying another appliance I don't actually need.
zapłakany, pełen łez, łzawy, wyciskający łzy z oczu
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tearful, full of tears; making one cry
I hate tearful farewells - let's just say 'goodbye' and part.
kula (stanowiąca podporę w przypadku problemów z chodzeniem)
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crutch, a special stick which supports you if you have problems with walking
Since the accident Darek's been on crutches.
równoległy (o linii, ulicy, zdarzeniu), linia równoległa, podobny
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parallel, if two lines are parallel, they never meet; a parallel line; very similar; taking place at the same time as another event
They conducted a parallel study in Germany.
prostopadły, linia prostopadła
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perpendicular, at an angle of 90° to a surface or line; a perpendicular line
You were supposed to draw a perpendicular (line) and what have you done?
porzucony, używany, używane ubrania
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cast-off, not wanted or needed any more (about a thing that has been used, usually clothes); used clothes that you don't want any more
They are always happy to receive cast-offs. New clothes are what they cannot afford.
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castaway, a person who escaped a wreck after it sank and managed to get to an island or land
It's another story about a miserable castaway.
dobroczynność, organizacja charytatywna
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charity, the system in which poor people in need are provided food, medicine, etc.; an organization which raises funds for the poor or the diseased
Mary started voluntary work at a charity.
domator, mężczyzna posiadający żonę i dzieci
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family man, a person who likes spending time at home with the family, a married man with children
He's a family man - his home is the most important thing for him.
dobrze znany, znajomy, zaznajomiony (z), zażyły
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familiar, well-known to (somebody); knowing (something or someone) well
This name sounds familiar, but I can't tell you who he is.
udawać; fałszować; fałszywy, udawany; osoba, która udaje
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fake, to pretend, to cheat, pretended, one who pretends or cheats
Her fake enthusiasm was just one of those tricks you shouldn't believe.
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insensitive, showing or feeling no sympathy or emotions
He's absolutely insensitive to social injustice.
zwiększać (się), wzrastać
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increase, to become bigger in number
The number of the unemployed has inreased.
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tense, anxious, nervous
He's always so tense whenever I meet him.
kasa w sklepie
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cash-desk, the place in a shop where customers pay
Where's the cash-desk?
ostrożny, rozważny, przezorny
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cautious, avoiding risk; careful
She's always been a cautious driver.
ucierać na tarce
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grate, to obtain plenty of small pieces of something by rubbing it against a special device called grater
Grate some cheese, please.
na świeżym powietrzu, na zewnątrz (o miejscu, wydarzeniu)
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open-air, taking place outside
Let's sit in the open-air area of the restaurant.
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ice-cold, very cold
I'd love an ice-cold drink now.
smażony w glębokim tłuszczu
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deep fried, fried in a deep pan in a large amount of fat
You should avoid deep-fried food.
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sizzle, to produce a sound of food frying in hot fat
The meat was sizzling on the barbecue.
przerwa na reklamę
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commercial break, a break in a programme when commercials are broadcast
I made some tea in the commercial break.
czcić pamięć, upamiętniać
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commemorate, to remember and give respect, usually in an official way
The government decided to commemorate the anniversary.
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commandment, a religious principle which ought to be obeyed by believers
I wish all Christians obeyed the Ten Commandments.
komentator (radiowy lub telewizyjny)
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commentator, a television or radio journalist who relates or describes an event
His dream was to become a sports commentator.
nakazywać, rozkazywać
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command, to order, to tell somebody to do something
The colonel commanded the soldiers to shoot.
zahamowanie, niepowodzenie, pogorszenie
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setback, something causing delay or failure
He had been recovering, but he suffered a setback last week.
hamulec bezpieczeństwa
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emergency brake / emergency cord, a device used to stop a vehicle from moving, usually by a passanger and in an emergency
You may not use an emergency brake without a reason.
emitować, wydawać
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emit, to send something like sound, waves, sound, etc
The sound this machine emits is really annoying.
zmienny, niezdecydowany, niestabilny
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unsettled, changeable, unstable
The weather has been rather unsettled.
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muzzle, an item you put on a dog's mouth to make sure it doesn't bite anybody
Have you got a muzzle? You can't travel with your dog without one.
sumienny, skrupulatny
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conscientious, diligent, putting much effort into one's work
In my opinion, such conscientious students should be praised more.
niedbały, byle jaki
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sloppy, careless; not done very well
I couldn't read the note because of your sloppy handwriting.
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truancy, the act of playing truant (skipping classes), that is not attending school when you ought to
She was punished for truancy.
opłacający się, wart zachodu
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worthwhile, worth effort and time
He's dreaming of taking a break from his job to do something more worthwhile, as he calls it.
nur/skok do wody, podjąć rozstrzygajacą, istotną decyzję
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plunge, when you dive, a jump into water, take the plunge
She says she'd love to do some different job, but she's too scared to take the plunge.
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mutton, meat from adult sheep
He hates mutton, so we have to order something else.
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gill, an organ through which fish breathe
Today we've had a lesson about fish -how gills work and so on.
rozwidlony język, kłamać, być hipokrytą, mówić coś innego, niż się faktycznie myśli
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forked tongue, a tongue typical of snakes, to speak with a forked tongue: to tell lies, to be a hypocrite
I must tell you that Alice tends to speak with a forked tongue.
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fin, a part of fish's body which is used to move
That fish has got enormous fins
antena, czułek
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antenna, (pl. antennas) a structure used to receive and send radio or televisin sygnals; (pl. antennae) an organ of an insect or e.g. snail that is used to feel with
This animal can't survive without the antennae.
wykwalifikowany, posiadający kwalifikacje
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qualified, having qualifications or skills (to do a particular job)
They're loking for a qualified teacher.
bezsporny; niewątpliwy
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unquestionable, not open to doubt
His power in the company is unquestionable.
jałowy, bezproduktywny
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unproductive, infertile; not producing anything; bringing no results
The whole dispute proved to be unproductive.
dyskredytować, kompromitować
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discredit, [WYMOWA] to make someone not worth respect
The latest news has discredited the party leader.
tłuszcz, smar
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grease, oily substance or dirt
Her hands were covered with grease.
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deck, the open surface of a ship
We decided to sleep on the deck.
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platform, the place where you wait before you get on a train
I was happy to see her waiting for me on the platform.
hala odlotów
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departure lounge, the place where you wait before you get on a plane
I must have left my rucksack in the departure lounge.
bufet, zimny bufet (posiłek)
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buffet, a restaurant in a station; a meal where different types of food can be eaten
We had nothing to eat and there was no buffet in the station, so we were starving.
zrezygnowany, pogodzony (z przykrym faktem)
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resigned, accepting something unpleasant
He seemed resigned to losing the job.
spektakularny, oszałamiający, widowiskowy
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spectacular, great, exciting
Their plan turned out a spectacular success.
oszałamiający, ogłuszający
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resounding, great, very loud
The film was a resounding success.
wizjer, judasz
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peephole, a hole in a door through which one can look outside
I could see nothing through the peephole and was too scared to open the door.

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