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niezdyscyplinowany, niesforny
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unruly, undisciplined, difficult to control
You'll find cooperation with this unruly class rather difficult.
gniewnie, ze złością
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crossly, angrily
"She was late again!" the teacher said crossly.
błysk, przebłysk (np. nadziei), przebłyskiwać
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glimmer, a beam of light, a slight feeling, to shine weakly
We could see the fire glimmer in the distance. She couldn’t understand there was no glmmer of hope for her husband.
uprawnienie, upoważnienie
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entitlement, a right to have something
Natural rights are another category of human entitlements.
ogólne poważanie, uznanie, szacunek
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respectability, general acceptance and respect
This theory gained respectability.
zadrasnąć, obetrzeć
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graze (to hurt the skin by rubbing it against something)
The girl fell of her bike and grazed her arm.
paść, paść się
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graze (to feed animals; to eat grass (about animals))
We saw a cow grazing in the meadow.
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mudguard, a fender, a piece of metal above the wheels of a vehicle that protects them and/or the rider from mud
The mudguard has loosened, you must fix it.
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heritage park, a site where you can see how people used to live, a museum in the open air
My daughter was impressed by the heritage park.
trwonić, marnować
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squander, to spend a lot on unnecessary things; to waste
She'll squander any sum you entrust to her.
ofiarowywać, darować
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donate, to give (material goods) in order to help somebody, an organization, etc
He donated all his savings to a charity.
podarunek np. od sklepu, upominek
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freebie, a gift, especially to attract the interest of customers
I received this mug s a freebie.
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subordinate, a person who is not as important (in a company, organization) as another one
He found it difficult to discipline his subordinates.
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complain, to say that something is bad, to express one's dissatisfaction
He complained that the soup was too cold.
chwalić się
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boast, to speak proudly about e.g. one's achievements
Mike boasted that his parents were very rich.
zaległy, niezałatwiony
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outstanding, not paid or not solved yet
There are some issues outstanding. They must be solved asap.
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easel, a wooden frame on legs which holds a picture being painted
Sally likes painting so much- why don't you buy her an easel for birthday?
wakacje zorganizowane (obejmujące zakwaterowanie, przejazd, posiłki)
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package holiday, a holiday where everything (accommodation, transport, meals) is arranged by a travel agent
I think that a package holiday will be the best option.
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ophthalmologist, a doctor who specializes in eye diseases
Have you noticed that she blinks quite often? I think you should visit an ophthalmologist.
internista, lekarz pierwszego kontaktu, lekarz ogólny
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general practitioner, a doctor who deals with diseases that do not require a speciaist's treatment
I'm not sure whether a visit to a GP will do. I think you should consult a specialist.
pełne wyżywienie
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full board, all the meals, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner (provided at a place such as hotel)
Does the price include full board?
niepełne wyżywienie
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half board, a part of the meals, that is, breakfast and dinner (provided at a place such as hotel)
I think that half board would be a more comfortable option.
szałas, prymitywna chata, barak, slums
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shanty, a primitive hut, usually at the edge of town
She used to live in a shanty outside the city.
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dilemma, a problem, a difficult choice
She faced the dilemma of quitting a secure job or rejecting a more interesting one.
osobny, oddzielny
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separate, existing in a different place
The sales department is in a separate buliding.
sklep monopolowy
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off-licence, a shop where alcoholic drinks are sold (AmE liquor store)
There's an off-licence on the corner.
gnieść (się), miąć
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crumple, to make many folds; to become full of folds
This dress will crumple easily.
maska samochodu
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bonnet, a metal cover under which there is the engine of a car
I thought something was wrong, so I looked under the bonnet.
zaintrygowany, zaciekawiony
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intrigued, really interested
She was intrigued by the idea.
wyprawa, ekspedycja
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expedition, an organised journey which has a specific purpose, usually scientific research
The expedition to the Antarctic was his most dangerous experience.
farba wodna, akwarela
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watercolour, a type of paint which is mixed with water and which is used to produce pictures, a picture made with watercolours
Have you seen Mary's watercolours? She's a talented girl, really.
podtrzymywać, doznawać, ponosić
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sustain, to make something continue, to keep alive, to suffer something
The monument has sustained certain damage.
parkiet taneczny
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dance floor, an area which is for dancing only (at a disco, at a restaurant, etc.)
She spent the whole night at the dance floor.
przebój, hit, szlagier kinowy lub wydawniczy
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blockbuster, a very successful, bestselling book or film
I'm always sceptical about Hollywood blockbusters.
balkon pierwszego piętra w teatrze
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dress circle, the first level above the main floor at the auditorium at the theatre
Our tickets are in the dress circle.
uczucie, przywiązanie
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affection, [WYMOWA] a strong positive emotion, love
The children felt great affection for their grandparents.
wyluzowany, swobodny, na luzie
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laid-back, relaxed, not tending to worry
Tim seems a laid-back person.
powodujący wysokie napięcie, wywołujący stres
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high-pressure, involving a lot of stress and worry
Would you choose a low-paid job or a high-pressure one?
czas wolny
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leisure, spare time
Have you ever asked her what she's doing in her leisure?
zielony (o terenie)
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leafy, full of trees
Many parks have been created here. These leafy areas are much more friendly than the city centre.
osobliwy, ciekawy, oryginalny
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quaint, unique, old-fashioned, interesting
You'll find this old village attractive, in a quiant way, though.
wyroby ekskluzywne, rynek towarów luksusowych
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upmarket, luxurious goods of very high quality
These expensive upmarket shops are hardly ever visited by guys like you and me!
historyczny (ważny w historii)
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historic, important in history
We've already seen every single historic building in this city, haven't we?
przeludniony, bardzo zatłoczony
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overcrowded, containing too many people
This part of Tokyo is really overcrowded.

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