Angielski 5-12/03/2017

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an advantage or something extra, such as money or goods, that you are given because of your job (informal)

coming or likely to happen very soon:

half the staff are
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połowa zespołu jest

to bottle up feelings / emotions
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to keep your feelings/ emotions to yourself

there is talk in the air
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there are some news / rumours spreading

to live IN the street
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mieszkać na ulicy

nearly, almost [idiom]

exhausted [idiom]

altogether [idiom]

in spite of [idiom]

from the beginning [idiom]

all the same
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all the same in English
yet, however [idiom]

all in all
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when everything is considered [idiom]

for all I know
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as far as I know [idiom]

for all I care
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I don't care [idiom]

on account of
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because of [idiom]

on this account
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for this reason [idiom]

on the air
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broadcasting [idiom]

to clear the air
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to get rid of suspicion or bad feelings [idiom]

to be up in arms
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to be very angry [idiom]

on the alert
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on the lookout, expecting sth [idiom]

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