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to run one's mouth
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to talk a lot without thinking [inf. urban]
to be on the same wavelength
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to think in a similar way and to understand each other well
Disorderly conduct
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criminal charge (being drunk in public, disturbing the peace)
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an occasion when someone breaks a rule or lawan occasion when someone breaks a rule or law
misdemeanour [UK], misdemeanor [US]
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an action that is slightly bad or breaks a rule but is not a crime
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to leave a room, building, chair, etc. so that it is available for other people
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saying or doing something that shows that you are guilty of a crime
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(an example of) serious crime that can be punished by one or more years in prison
put your best foot forward
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to try as hard as you can; to act or appear at one's best; to try to make a good impression
to backfire on sb
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to have the opposite result from the one you intended
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having an old-fashioned appearance, like that of a traditional mother [informal, disapproving]
a match made in heaven
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An extremely well-suited pairing of people or things
to feel out of place
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to feel as if one doesn't belong
out of place
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not in the proper place/ inappropriate / awkward and unwelcome
catch sb off guard
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to surprise someone by doing something that they are not expecting or ready for

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