17th Nov 2016

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is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers.
tree pose
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opady śniegu
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snow shower
the biggest lake in the world
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the Caspian Sea
Superior (the largest of the Great Lakes: US and Canada) / Victoria (Kenia, Uganda, Tanzania)
Despite its name the Caspian Sea is often regarded as the world's largest lake
zajebisty (AmE)
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gnarly /na:li/
to go gnarly
ziele angielskie
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the Nile VS the Amazon
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The Amazon is considered the world's largest river by volume, but scientists have believed it is slightly shorter than Africa's Nile.
klucz wiolinowy
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treble clef
klucz basowy
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bass clef
camel pose
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zacznijmy in English
let's get started
na kolanach
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on all fours
expect nothing
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appreciate everything
the choices you make today
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define your tomorrow

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