15th Nov 2016

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She wears her hair in braids / in plaits
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plait BrE / braid AmE
a long piece of something, especially hair, that is divided into three parts and TWISTED TOGETHER
not inside a building
not in a room, building or container but on or to the outside of it
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outside / outdoors (The rain prevented them from eating outdoors.)
ouside (I'm seeing a patient—please wait outside.)
pod gwiazdami
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under the stars
łagodzić ból
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to ease sth (This should help ease the pain.)
Ramps have been built to ease access for the disabled.
A number of measures were taken to ALLEVIATE the problem.
rolka do masowania
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massage bar
at the place where people work, study, or stay
to work ON a building / construction site
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on site
An engineer will be ON SITE to supervise the construction.
There’s a bar, restaurant, and gym on site.
Yosemite National Park /jou/
Redwood National Park is more in the north
not far from San Fransisco
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a US national park in the Sierra Nevada mountains of eastern California.
The park is also famous for its many giant sequoia trees. It was made a World Heritage Site in 1984
It was named after the Yosemite River that runs through it and contains Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in the US
to make sth A
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WORLD Heritage Site
zrzucić ze spadochronem
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to parachute (Supplies were parachuted into the region.)
obława / pościg
an organized search for someone who might have committed a crime or a prisoner who has escaped
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manhunt /ˈmænhʌnt/
(no article) Police HAVE LAUNCHED a nationwide manhunt.
zgłosić zaginięcie
people reported him missing five days later. Read more: http://www.newsinlevels.com/products/two-weeks-in-the-jungle-level-3/
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to report sb missing
She has reported her daughter missing.
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aside from
Borneo ˈbɔːniəʊ
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Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest island in Asia.
pojechać na zorganizowaną wycieczkę
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to go on PACKAGE holiday
a famous road in the US that is mentioned in books, films, and songs. It was built in the early 1930s, and was the first road to go across the US, from Chicago to Los Angeles.
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Route 66
na początku lat 2000
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in the early 2000s
The Crown
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Claire Foy and Matt Smith
dziennik szkolny
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a register
Teachers were reminded that school attendance registers were actually legal documents.
(British English) The teacher CALLED the REGISTER (= checked who was present at school).
a written statement by teachers about a child’s work at school, which is sent to his or her parents
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report / report card BrE
wbrew wszelkim przeciwnościom
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Despite all the adversity
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kept under surveillance /səˈveɪləns/
The suspects were kept under surveillance.
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put out sth to tender
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THE Netflix series
wyjść za mąż
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to marry into the royal family
very definite about what you like and careful about what you choose
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particular / fussy
She's very particular about her clothes.
On występuje obok...
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He stars OPPOSITE Claire Foy
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Lithgow (American)
Całkowicie nieprzygotowany
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massively unprepared
w sposób zrozumiały
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mutual dependency
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In a sense (= in one way) it doesn't matter any more.
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to apply a cold compress
ice cream headache
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ice cream headache
podążać za marzeniami
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to follow your dreams
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diagnosed with terminal cancer
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to live your life to the full
an occasion when someone cannot think clearly, or cannot remember something:
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brain freeze
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a country on the north-east coast of South America
Guyana's official language is English and the capital city is Georgetown. More than half its population are descended from Indian workers brought in for the sugar industry after slavery was ended there in 1838.
, formerly called British Guiana. It was a British colony from 1796 until it became independent in 1966, since when it has been a member of the Commonwealth.
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