12.12.2017 - Places

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a kind of cake which has a base and cream or fruit on the top
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to get a lot of pleasure from something
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delight in sth
a city landscape
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to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, especially for pleasure
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We could stroll along the beach after dinner
people who dance, drink, sing, etc. at a party or in public, especially in a noisy way
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hidden or difficult to find
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tucked away
Van’s house is tucked away at the end of the road
to include different types of things
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The festival is to encompass everything from music, theatre, and ballet to literature, cinema, and the visual arts
(a place that gives) protection or shelter from danger
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The climbers slept in a mountain refuge
a person who has escaped from their own country because of a war
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Thousands of refugees fled across the border
long pieces of wood that support small buildings above the ground or above water or supports for the feet on which someone can stand
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material or covering which isolates sth
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Generally, plastics tend to be good insulators
a house or place to live in
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to add something decorative to a person or thing
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The bride's hair was adorned with white flowers
sheltered from direct light from the sun
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We sat on the shady grass for our picnic
unhappy and without hope, not expecting or believing anything good in a situation
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The cemetery is a gloomy place
unhappy, disappointed, or without hope
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unhappy, disappointed, or without hope in English
She looked a bit dejected when they told her she didn't get the job.
boring and making you feel unhappy
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She had spent another dreary day in the office
a small house, usually in the countryside
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We rented a little beach cottage on the North Caroline coast
a room, house, or other place unpleasantly small and uncomfortable
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They live in a poky little flat
unpleasantly bright in colour or decoration
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gaudy plastic flowers
things for sale
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full-growned fruit
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ripened fruit
to take a long time to leave or disappear
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The smell from the fire still lingered days later
trong, unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous gas from petrol
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petrol fumes
to speak angrily to someone because you disapprove of what they have said or done
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I was rebuked by my manager for being late
argue about the price of sth (with seller)
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haggle over the price of sth
the act of starting to understand something or feel something
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a religious awakening
following or obeying a rule, law, wish, etc.
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in accordance with sth
In accordance with her wishes, she was buried in France
electric point in the wall
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a large mass of ice that moves slowly
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job without self-development possibility to develop yourself
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dead-end job
path/road that leads nowhere
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blind alley
the part of you that judges how moral your own actions are and makes you feel guilty about bad things that you have done or things you feel responsible for
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My conscience would really bother me if I wore a fur coat
addicted to sth, enjoying something so much that you are unable to stop doing it
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to get hooked on sth
to move slowly or with difficulty, especially with your body stretched out along the ground or on hands and knees
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The child crawled across the floor
apply for refuge
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to seek asylum
unique, the only person or thing of this type
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the one and only
And now I'd like to introduce, the one and only Stevie Wonder!

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