z rodziały " A party time"

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a housewarming party
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a farewell party
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pożegnalna impreza
a fancy dress party
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przebierana impreza
a stag night
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wieczór kawalerski
a party animal
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miłosnik imorez
the life and soul of the party
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dusza towarzystwa
entertaining people
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make peopole enjoy themselves
a whale time
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a lot of fun
music suited to the tastes of guest
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muzyka pasująca do guztu
the right mix of people
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the combination of different types of people
That was the party we will be talking about for months to come
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to była impreza o którą będziemy wspominac miesiącami
I really enjoy a quiet evening at home on my one
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Naprawdę marzę o spokojnym wieczorze w domu tylko dla siebie
a political animal
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someone who is extremely interested in politics
a party pooper
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someone who doesn’t like parties and spoils other people’s enjoyment of this
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save our souls

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