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In fact, I was the last ... to go.
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can't be....... cook tonight. Let's go to a restaurant.
don't feel like making the effort to do sth
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bothered to
He's... be late. He never arrives on time
jest pewne
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bound to
They are...... refuse.
jest pewne
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. certain to
He ....... hand in his homework on time.
not to do what you should have done
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failed to
He should have ...... try and do something so risky
to be old or experienced enough to know sth is the wrong thing to do
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known better than to
I don't....... tell him the truth.
not to know the best way to do sth
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know how best to
The window was stuck, but after a lot of pushing and pulling I ...... open it.
to succeed in doing sth difficult
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managed to
If you... contact us, you can do so via our website.
would like to do sth
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wish to

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