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I ... think what she will say when she finds out the truth.
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dread to
to dread + to appears in the phrase I dread to think and generally followed by what (ii) to dread +ing: to dislike and be frightened of sth you have to do
Having won the silver medal in the 200m, he then ... win the gold in the 100m.
to proceed, after doing sth else
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went on to
He ...... speaking, even though nobody was listening
to continue
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went on
Harvey didn 't ... criticise; he merely wanted to tell the truth.
to intend
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mean to
Catching the six o'clock ferry will ... getting up at five.
o involve, entail
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We ....... inform you that your application has been unsuccessful.
to be sorry to (used with the verbs say, tell, inform, announce)
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regret to
I ...... passing up that marvellous opportunity.
to be sorry about sth that has/hasn't happened
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