Verb Phrases tools and other things to repairs

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Cambiar una bombilla o un neumático.
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Change a light bulb or a tyre
Perfore un agujero en la pared o en un pedazo de madera
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Drill a hole in the wall or in a piece of wood
Poner estantes o unas cortinas.
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Put up shelves or a curtains
Configurar una nueva red Wi-Fi o un sistema de cine en casa
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Set up a new Wi-fi network or a home cinema system
Coser un botón en una camisa
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Sew a button on a shirt
Pegue algo que esté roto con pegamento o cinta adhesiva.
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Stick something together that's broken with glue or sellotape
Ate dos cosas juntas, por ejemplo, cordones o dos piezas de cuerda
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Tie two things together, e.g. shoelaces or two pieces of string

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