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w milczeniu, bez słowa
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dumbly, without speaking
I was talking to her but she was staring dumbly into space.
zamykać się w sobie, uciszyć się, zamilknąć
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clam up
She just clams up whenever you ask her about her marriage.
przerzucać (kartki), przekartkować coś
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thumb through sth
I thumbed through the report quickly on the bus.
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to scan
I scanned through the television programmes in the local paper.
zgrzytać, skrzypieć
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to creak
The floorboards creaked when we walked across the living room.
zaginać kogoś
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catch sb out
You can ask me anything you like – you won't catch me out.
improwizowany, nieprzygotowany, organizowany na poczekaniu
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Take a deep and calming breath before you give an impromptu speech.
wylądować (gdzieś), skończyć (gdzieś)
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land up
He'll land up in hospital if he keeps on living like that.
lepki, wilgotny
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My feet and the palms of my hands are always clammy.
układ, porozumienie
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A final compact was negotiated between the company and the union.
kulić się, zwijać w kłębek
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curl up
She curled up on the sofa to watch her favourite TV programme.
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The boss was very candid with him about the standard of his work.
wydłużać coś, przeciągać
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draw sth out
The headmaster drew our meeting out for another hour.
rumienić się, czerwienić
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to flush
She flushed when he paid her a compliment.
odciąć coś, przeciąć
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cut sth off
If you don't pay this bill within a week, your gas supply will be cut off.
obgadywać kogoś, krytykować, obmawiać
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to badmouth
He's a nice guy so stop badmouthing him all the time!
skreślać kogoś, nie brać kogoś pod uwagę
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count sb out
If you're going diving, you can count me out!
chwalić, wychwalać
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to extol
He wrote an article extolling the virtues of the Internet.
nadrabiać zaległości
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catch up on sth
Let's go for a cup of coffee - I need to catch up on all the gossip
stłumiony, przytłumiony
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We could hear some muffled voices from the room but we couldn't make out any words.
spływać, spadać
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buzz off
I have to get up early tomorrow so I'm going to buzz off now.
rażąco, wielce
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Death sentences in Saudi Arabia are often imposed after largely secret and grossly unfair trials.
zatrzymać się na noc
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stay over
I have a spare bed if you want to stay over
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When people have allergies, they sneeze when they are exposed to certain things, such as dust or pet's fur.
wybuchać (gniewem)
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blow up
Janet's husband blew up at her when he saw the phone bill.
w kropki, nakrapiany, cętkowany
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She was wearing jeans and a black and white spotted blouse.
pomagać komuś (z czymś)
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help sb out
Jason has promised to help me out with maths.
fatum, śmierć, nieszczęście
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I woke up that Friday morning and felt an impending sense of doom.
sprać się, zmywać się
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wash out
I'm afraid that these greasy marks won't wash out.
możliwy do ustalenia, możliwy do odczytania
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All cell phones are traceable and it can be helpful sometimes.
zrywać coś, zakończyć (znajomość, związek)
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break sth off
I heard that Liz broke off her engagement to Chris.
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Although the thaw has already started, there is still plenty of snow on the ground.
wysiadać, wydostawać się (z czegoś)
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get out
When you stop at the traffic lights, I'll get out.
pomniejszać, zaniżać
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to understate
Official statistics tend to understate the extent of water and sanitation problems in West Africa.
pospać sobie (dłużej niż zwykle), późno wstać
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sleep in
I get up at 6 o'clock during the week but I usually sleep in on Saturday mornings.
przyjechać/przyjść po kogoś
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call for sb
I'll call for you at seven and drive you to the airport.
podtekst, zabarwienie
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We thought that his speech had slightly racist undertones.
wykonywać, przeprowadzać coś
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carry sth out
Don't blame David, he's only carrying out his duties.
dostrzegalny, zauważalny, odczuwalny
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There was a small but perceptible change in the audience's mood.
zawstydzać, wprawiać kogoś w zakłopotanie
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show sb up
He showed Amy up by shouting at her in front of her parents.
zakładac podsłuch
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to bug
He suspected that his phone had been bugged.
spoglądać/ patrzeć w przyszłość
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look ahead
We have to look ahead and estimate our needs for the next two years.
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to swell
I knew I had broken my ankle because it immediately started to swell.
skasować samochód
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write sth off
Unfortunately, her car was completely written off in the accident.
zmieszać z błotem, zjechać kogoś (skrytykować)
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to trash
The teacher completely trashed her speech, in front of everyone.
wzywać kogoś
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call on sb
The international community has called on both sides to end hostilities.
budzić, wzbudzać
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to arouse
It's a controversial subject that has aroused a lot of interest.
wspierać kogoś, popierać
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back sb up
He expected his family to back him up throughout the court case.

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