Sp Up Level 11 unit 51.2

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a type o soft, white rock (kreda)
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1. a performer who has special clothes and painted face and makes people laugh (klown) 2. a silly person (błazen)
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a flat piece of metal or plastic with a row of long, narrow parts alond one side, that you use to tidy your hair (grzebień)
(to) comb
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1. to tidy your hair using a comb (czesać) 2. to search a place very carefully (przeczesywać)
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someone whose job is to live in another country and to keep a good relationship between their government and and that country's government (dyplomata)
It's on the house!
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if food or drink is on the house in a bar or restaurant, it is free (na koszt firmy)
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a toy made of paper or cloth which flies in the air on the end of a long string (latawiec)
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a very small computer which you can carry easily (palmtop)
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an official list of names (spis, rejestr)
(to) retake
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1. to take an examination again because you failed it the first time (ponownie zdawać egzamin) 2. to take something such as a place or position into your possession again, often by force, after losing possession of it (odbierać, odzyskać) 3. to take a photograph or film again (na nowo kręcić)
snake charmer
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an entertainer who seems to control the movements of snakes by playing music (zaklinacz węży)
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a device used for measuring temperature, especially of the air or in a person's body (termometr)
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a thick heavy stick used as a weapon by police officers (gumowa pałka policyjna)

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