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TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SELF. My name is sluvek v. I am fourty seven. I live in Radom. I have got a family, wife and son. I finished Electronic High School. Since two thousand and seven I was a van driver. I was transporting paints to shops.
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I worked there for five years. Then I started working as a bus driver in Radom. Now I am still working. I really like this job and I want to work in your company because I want to go abroad. I am punctual, conscientous, hard working.
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I can cooperate with other people. I have got proper qualifications
powiedz mi na temat ostatniej pracy
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TELL ME ABOUT YOUR (THE LOST) JOB I am a city bus driver. My duties include transporting people, checking the bus condition and selling tickets. I can drive different types of buses.
dlaczego chcesz dla nas pracować? 1
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WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR US? I want to go abroad because in Norway. I can earn more money than in Poland for the same job. What this more I want to improve my english language skills
dlaczego chcesz dla nas pracować? 2
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Your company offers good prospects of quick promotion. I can feel financially safe.
ile chciałbyś zarabiać?
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WHAT DO YOU FEEL THE POSITION SHOUD PAY? HOW MUCH WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN?*** I would like to earn thirty thousand krone per month / per hour
czy masz kwalifikacje do tego stanowiska?
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ARE YOU QUALIFIED FOR WITH POSITION? Of course I am. I have got all necessary documents confirming my qualifications.
jak dobrze pracujesz z ludźmi?
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HOW WELL DO YOU WORK WITH PEOPLE? I dont have any problems with working with people. I am cooperive, kind, helpfull.
czy to środowisko jest dobra dla ciebie?
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WHAT IS A GOOD WORKING ENVIROMENT FOR YOU? I am able to work ten hours a day, I need some breaks for lunch.
dlaczego warto cię zatrudnić? 1
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WHY SHOUD I HIRE (EMPLOY) YOU? Firstly - I have got proper qualification, I am motivated worker, Next - My plan is to go abroad and start working there, Finaly - I promise I will do my job well because I am conscientious and loyal.
dlaczego warto cię zatrudnić? 2
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I will be satisfied when I get this job.
jaka jest twoja największa słabość?
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WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESS? I am not fluent in english but I am still improving my skills on different courses.
jaki miałeś problem / zdarzenie w pracy?
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WHAT PROBLEM DID YOU HAVE IN YOUR JOB? One year ago an old man who was in the bus fainted. I helped him. I called an ambulance and I put him in proper position. I gave him first aid. I know how to help people in trouble.

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