prepositions 29 grammar

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fond of
I'm very fond of pizza.
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coś się podoba
Uwielbiam pizzę.
shocked by
Everyone was shocked by Susan's strange appearance.
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zaszokowany przez coś
laugh about
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śmiać się z czegoś
laugh at
When Kinga said three, everyone laughed at her.
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śmiać się z kogoś
married to
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w związku małżeńskim z
admit to
The woman who lived next door admitted to the robbery.
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przyznać się do czegoś
famous for
France is famous for its food
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słynny z
Francja jest słynna ze swojego własnego jedzenia.
grateful to
I'm very grateful to your brother for his help.
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wdzięczny komuś
afraid of
Harry is afraid of snakes.
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forgive someone for
Please forgive me for breaking your camera.
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wybaczyć komuś coś
accuse someone of something
Kinga accused Karolina of eating her apple.
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oskarżać kogoś o coś
begin with
I can't remember her name, but it begins with 'J'
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zacząć od czegoś
apart from
All the students apart from Anna had done their homework.
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run out of
We have run out of milk.
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skończyć, zabraknąć
even though
I got lost even though I know the area well.
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as long as
You can borrow my camera as long as you are careful with it.
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pod warunkiem, że
take into account
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wziąć pod uwagę
There was hardly anyone in the cinema.
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prawie, ledwo
as much as
The books did not cost as much as I had expected.
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tyle ile
I can't keep up with you.
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Nie mogę za Tobą nadążyć.

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