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podrywać kogoś
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chat sb up
Mark spent all evening chatting my sister up and buying her drinks.
przymykać oko na coś
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wink at sth
Some teachers wink at teenagers smoking in school.
dołożyć komuś, pokonać w walce
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blow sb away
Phil blew away the other cyclists in the race.
żywić się czymś
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live on sth
He seems to live on nothing but chips and burgers.
poprawić coś (np. poduszkę)
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plump sth up
Tracy plumped her pillow up and finished making the bed.
posłać kogoś za kratki
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send sb down
He was sent down for three years for armed robbery.
zakwestionować coś, podać coś w wątpliwość
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quarrel with sth
Few people would quarrel with these methods.
kryć się za czymś, leżeć za czymś
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lie behind sth
I'm wondering what lay behind Kate's decision to change her will.
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zatankować in English
gas up
I have to gas up when we get to the next town.
wyprawić kogoś, wyekspediować kogoś
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ship sb off
Her kids were shipped off to a boarding school at an early age.
obudzić kogoś pukaniem do drzwi
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knock sb up
He knocked me up in the middle of the night.
pozbyć się (np. problemów), pokonać (np. trudności)
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smooth sth out
Let's get everyone together and try to smooth the problem out.
ignorować coś/kogoś, nie przejmować się
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blow sth/sb off
He's only joking so blow off his comments.
sypnąć kogoś, wycofać się z czegoś
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rat on sb/sth
I can't trust someone who rats on his promises.
dorzucać coś, dodawać
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tag sth on
He tagged on an apology at the end of the letter.
rozwinąć coś (np. jakiś temat)
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expand on sth
Can you expand on that point, please?
przepróżnować, trwonić
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idle sth away
They idled their time away drinking and playing cards.
obniżyć coś
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push sth down
Large supplies pushed down international prices of oils, sugar and cereals.
usunąć kogoś z boiska
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send sb off
The player was sent off for arguing with the referee.
zależeć od czegoś/kogoś
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ride on sth/sb
The future of the company now is riding on the new director.
domagać się czegoś
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stick out for sth
The workers are going to stick out for a 5% pay rise.
złożyć, odłożyć (na później)
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stow sth away
She stowed the ice skates away in a box under the bed.
odpocząć, wypocząć
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rest up
I really need to rest up for a few days now.

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