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przestać x2
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stop, give up
She gave up eating fatty foods when she went ona diet.
ujawnić x2
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reveal, give away
Spies gave away top secret information during the war.
poddać się x2
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surrender., give in / up
Although it looked as though Steffi was winning the match, Monica refused to give up.
rozdać x2
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give freely, give out/away
The charity gave out food to the poor and need.
uwalnia, daje x2
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emit, give off / out
For such a small electric fire, it gives off a lot of heat.
skończyć się x2
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come to an end, give out
The food supplies gave out before they reached the summit of the mountain.
zdjąć x2
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remove, take down
They took down the old painting and put up a new portrait.
być zaskoczony x2
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be surprised, be taken aback
I was taken aback by his rude reply.
nie dać się nabrać x2
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be deceived, be taken in
Don't be taken in by his friendly manner. Dave's not as nice as he appears.
wystartować x2
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leave the ground, take off
Fasten your seat belts before the plane takes off.
przejąć x2
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take control of, take over
The boos asked Mr Smith to take over the running of the office while he was away.
zacząć uprawiać x2
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begin a hobby, activity, etc., take up
He took up judo to get some exercise.
polubić x2
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like, take to
The children took to their new tacher the moment they saw her.
dojść do siebie x2
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recover from, get over
It took her years to get over the death of her husband.
oderwać się x2
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go on holiday, get away
He decided to get away for a while after months of hard work.
mieć dobre relacje z x2
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have a good relationship with, get on / along with
You should try to get on with Andy; he is your brother, after all.
przeżyć x2
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survive, get by
He doesn't make a lot of money, but he has enough to get by.
wywinąć się przed odpowiedzialnością x2
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escape without being punished, get away with
Small-time criminals rarely get away with their crimes.
ograniczyć x2
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reduce consumption of, cut down on
The doctors advised her to cut down on sugar and fat.
wcinać się w rozmowę x2
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interrupt sb while speaking, cut into
The secretary cut into to tell them that someone was asking for Mr Jones on the phone.
być odizolowany x2
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isolated, cut off
Their house was cut off from the rest by the heavy snow.
być odłączonym x2
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disconnected, cut off
They had their electricity cut off because they failed to pay the bill.
usunąć, porzucić, zrezygnować kompletnie x2
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remove, cut off
The editor cut out several paragraphs to make the text shorter. You need to cut out sweets.
dać się ponieść x2
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get carried away x2got excited, be carried away
The audience were carried away by their brilliant performance.
wypełnić, dokonać x2
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fulfil, carry out
Peter carried out his promise to help us.
ukończyć x2
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complete, carry sth through
Despite the difficulties, they managed to carry the task throught.
kontynuować x2
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continue, carry on with
Althrough is leg was bothering him, the dancer carried on with the performance.
włączyć / wyłączyć x2
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switch on / off, turn on / off
Don't forget to turn off the cooker before you leave.
pojawić się, przybyć x2
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arrive, turn up
Steve finally turned up at the party two hours late.
zwrócić się do x2
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goes to sb for help, turn to
When she is in trouble, she always turns to her parents for help.
odmówić coś / czegoś x2
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reject, turn down
He turned down the job offer because the money they offered him wasn't good.
okazało się x2
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prove to be, turn out
Pierre turned out to be the most creative chef they had ever employed.
włamać się x2
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enter a plac illegally, break in / into
The burglar managed to break into the house and steal the TV and video.
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separate, break off
I broke off a piece of chocolate and gave it to my friend.
uciec x2
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escape from, break out of
Four prisoners broke out of prison during the riots yesterday.
zerwać relacje x2
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end a relationship, break up
Unfortunately, Jackie and Andy broke up just a few days before Christmas.
przezwyciężyć, pokonać, wyrosnąć z np. ubrań x2
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overcome, grow out of x2
Tim used to be afraid of heights, but now that he's been climbing a few times he has grown out of his fear.
przerodzić się z x2
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develop from, grow from
His skill in computer grew from his interest in computer games.
dorosnąć x2
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become an adult, grow up
4-year-old Joseph wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.
przełożyć w czasie x2
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postpone, put off
The meeting has been put off until next month because the director is in Africa.
podnieść np. cenę x2
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raise, put up
I'm going to sell my car if they are going to put up the pice of petrol again.
tolerować x2
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tolerate, put up with
I refuse to put up with that noise. I'm going to call the police.
ugasić (ogień) x2
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extinguish, put out
Fortunately the fire brigade were able to put out the fire.
włożyć, poświęcić x2
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devote, put in
Jim has put in a lot of time and effort in order to finish his project.
wyzwolić, uwolnić x2
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reveal, bring out
Co-operation brings out the best in people.
powodować x2
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cause, bring on / about
Heavy smoking brought about his death.
przekonać x2
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persuade, bring round
Mary managed to bring her father round to her point of view.
ocucić x2
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make sb regain consciousness, bring round
They brought him round by splashing wather on him.
wychować x2
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raise (children), bring up
It is very hard to bring up a child.
skończyć się x2
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have no more, run out of
When I went to make some coffee, I realised we had run out of sugar.
mieć kolizję x2
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collide with, run into
Drive more carefully, or you will run into another car.
napotykać problemy x2
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encounter, run into
The team of climbers ran into so many problems that they were unable to reach the mountain top.

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