MF 30.04.2016

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How many times am I supposed to tell you?
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Ile razy ci mam powtarzać?
I am supposed to change the tyres.
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Ja mam zmienić opony.
You are supposed to do it today.
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Ty masz zrobić to dzisiaj.
He is supposed to come today.
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On ma przyjść dzisiaj.
I was supposed to read emails but I didn’t have time.
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Ja miałem przeczytać emaile ale nie miałem czasu.
You were supposed to prepare official letter today
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Ty miałeś przygotować oficjalne pismo dzisiaj.
He was supposed to call today.
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On miał rozmowę dzisiaj.
It is supposed to rain today.
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Ma padać dzisiaj.
The tender is supposed to be tomorrow.
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Przetarg ma być jutro.
We were supposed to get the agreement yesterday.
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My mieliśmy dostać umowę jutro.
The agreement was supposed to be signed yesterday.
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Umowa miała być podpisana wczoraj.
The tender was supposed to be last Friday.
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Przetarg miał być w ostatni piątek.

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