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precise or exact; free from error (opposite = inaccurate)
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accurate (The victim was unable to provide an accurate description of the criminal.)

to get or come into possession of something; to accumulate or collect
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acquire (Over 20 years of collecting stamps, I’ve acquired over 4,000 of them!)

to help or aid someone (noun = assistance)
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assist (They were assisted by an outside company when designing the program.”)

to receive an advantage or make an improvement
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benefit (from) (Society has greatly benefited from technological advancements)

gentle or kind; favorable; passive or inactive
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benign (The military cannot afford to be benign in this war)

to make a statement about something
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comment (on) (First, I would like to comment on the current environmental situation)

to give an equivalent or a return for something else
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compensate (for) (If the government expects citizens to do this, they must compensate their citizens fairly)

a part or element of something (see also: aspect)
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component (To understand the whole problem, you must look at all of its separate components)

a result or effect of something
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consequence (He was executed as a consequence for his heinous actions)

to be made of something; to be composed of something
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consist (of) (A healthy relationship must consist of trust and mutual respect)

to give to a common cause, supply, or fund
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contribute (I contributed over $300 to charity last year.)

to be similar to something; to be in agreement with something
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correspond (with/to) (The words of politicians often don’t correspond with their actions)

very important; vital
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crucial (The media was crucial to changing public opinion about the Viet Nam war)

clear and having easily-identifiable or specific characteristics
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distinct (Dark chocolate is known for its distinct smell and taste)

to destroy slowly over time; to disintegrate
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erode (Many religious leaders feel that secularism has eroded morality)

to make an educated guess; to give a projection
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estimate (Scientists have been estimating a massive population explosion over the next two decades)

to keep someone/something from entering a group, society, project, etc.
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(When I was in high school, I was excluded from many activities due to my disability)

to get or obtain something from something els
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extract (Physical torture is not an effective means of extracting information from a human being)

desire, long for (she longed for a little more excitement)

to show or give evidence of something
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indicate (Research indicates that cell phones can cause cancer)

a sign or token
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indication of (High blood pressure is a clear indication of stress)

to use to maximum effect or potential
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maximise (“The goal of any business is to maximise its profits.”)

to watch and give attention
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monitor (Companies have numerous ways to monitor employee behaviour.)

to get or receive
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obtain (“In order to obtain respect, a person has to earn it)


the act of taking part in something
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participation (Portugal was ridiculed for its participation in slavery)

a potential candidate; a possibility of success, profit, etc.
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prospect (I was excited by the prospect of winning the lottery.)

purchase (We’re planning to purchase a house next year)

to chase or follow
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pursue (Acting is a difficult career to pursue)

make off, slip away (The burglars made off with good worth)

to be different; to alternate; to change or alter; to diversify
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vary (To write a good essay, you need to vary your vocabulary)

being truly or very much so
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veritable (I felt a veritable pain in my abdomen)

zemdleć (phrasal verb)
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pass out (Jenny suddenly felt dizzy and passed out)

to decrease in strength, intensity, etc.
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wane (“My interest in the movie waned the longer we watched it.)

wyróżniać się
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stand out (Morris stands out as the most experienced candidate)

pojawiać się
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turn up (Danny turned up late as ususal)

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paralyzed, petrified

persist in (The minority of drivers who persist in drinking)

nieufny wobec
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wary of (dogs that have been mistreated often remain very wary of strangers)


litość / wspułczuć
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pity (Clare didn't know whether to envy or pity them, her voice was full of pity)

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reluctant to


preserve (all records of the past were zealously preserved)

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złośliwiec/ dokuczać
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tease (tease each other)

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capacity for (

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finite, limited (Relationship experts claim that our capacity for maintainig emotionally close relationships is finite)

at the expense of (new friendships come at the expense of loosening contact with existing friends)

cranky, spoiled


wdzięcznie / niezgrabnie
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gracefully / ungracefully

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Accuracy (while my brother is very fluent in spanish he sometoimes lack grammatical accuracy)

considerably, greatly

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humiliated, mortified

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understandable, intelligible, comprehensible

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self reliant

carry out

czy przypadkiem nie wiesz?
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do you happen to know?

chcieć, miec ochote
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fancy (Do you fancy going to the cinema?)

kwalifikoway do
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eligible for (I am eligible for a full refund)

przechodzic doswiadczac
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undergo (At the moment our school i undergoing even more changes)

state of the art
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look into sth

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